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25 Day Challenge! Healthy Tips to Survive Holiday Season

25 day Challenge starts NOW!

Hey there! Are you up for a challenge to start, stay, or continue on track with healthy habits heading into holiday season? Would you like to lose 6lbs instead of the dreaded  gaining over the holiday season? Come join us for the 25 day challenge to help keep yourself committed and on track during this busy time of year. It shouldn't take a New Year's Resolution to have you focus on healthy habits.

Here's the deal. I'm looking for 50 fans to verbally commit to joining us in this challenge. Each day via Facebook and Twitter I will post a healthy habit for the day that will be your tip to commit to.

1. Please comment on our Facebook Fan page that you are joining the challenge! If you have a friend who could benefit from this, please suggest they LIKE our page or FOLLOW us via twitter. Click links here for Facebook or Twitter.

2. Weigh yourself tonight or tomorrow and/or take measurements (chest/bust, waist @belly button, hips, calf, bicep- use R side to measure on unilateral measurements). You can use a sewing tape to do this.

3. Take a before picture from front, back, side. Use the self timer on your camera or utilize a child to help you if you would rather keep this personal :).

4. Have fun! We are trying to make ourselves a priority (no you are not being selfish, so don't feel guilty!) and healthy habits during the busy season.

Here's to healthy progress!
Best in health-


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