The Health Investment

What are you investing in?  I read an article not too long ago that was talking about investments as they related to our health (I apologize for not remembering where I read this to give due credit).  It really got my brain churning again because, as a fitness instructor and health/wellness coach, I continue to hear all the reasons why our health is not a priority.  Not until something tragic or severe happens do we consider making it a priority.  Many of us truly need a wake up call right now and need to change our thinking.  We need to think of health and wellness as an investment.

I recently learned news of someone I grew up with who just passed away after having a heart attack while jogging.  He was in his mid thirties.  It was a reminder that we really need to evaluate what in life is important to us and what are we investing our time in, as it all can be taken away in an instant.  All around us, we personally have experienced, or know someone who is affected by these tough economic times; we see our home values dropping; our 401k's losing value, then gaining value, and we call that investments.  Yet, when we exercise or participate in some athletic activities we call that spending....time.

When you think about it, the time "spent" doing those activities, which also can include some mindless "me" time,  is really investing as well.  What does sickness cost as compared to wellness?  Several studies have suggested the payoff for an employer investing in employee wellness plans can be as high as 10-1 or more return on investment.  As an individual, what will it cost you to be sick as opposed to be well, and where can you get that kind of return?

What this ultimately means, is that our time "spent" at the gym, focused on nutrition, and committed to wellness, is an "investment" in our future.  Not only the future for you, but for your family and those that are close to you.  The return on that investment is potentially far greater than any 401K or IRA account.  It is hard to put a price on health until you are ill, or no longer with us!

If you have been struggling with your fitness or nutrition routine because of "spending time", maybe you need to change the way you are thinking about it?!  Females in particular tend to find guilt in spending "me" time.  They try to give so much to others that they neglect themselves and what is important for a good investment.  The thinking tends to be all wrong here though, as if you make a good investment in yourself, you will be able to give so much more to others around you.

Please take time to reflect on your investments.  How is that return on investment working out for you?

Best in health-

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