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Hey there!  So have you seen the promos for Jamie Oliver's new show Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution?  I have been so intrigued and excited on how this new "reality" show is going to impact the American public.  Jamie goes to Huntington, West Virginia which is found to be the US's "fattest city" per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  His goal is to overhaul the town's unhealthy eating habits.

Let's face it, the school lunches are crap. I do not remember them being great when we were younger either.  I mean the sloppy joes were nutritious, right...?  If you want your kids to get healthy choices then you must pack the lunch for them.  Now I do not mind doing that, but there are many kids out there, where a hot lunch at school is their only option for a prepared meal throughout the day.  We know how our country has become ridiculously obese and our eating habits are beyond junk.  We have no one to blame but ourselves for the health problems caused by obesity and poor eating habits.  Now I also do not care to pay for other's health care due to these unhealthy choices they make, but that is a whole other story that I will not get into now.

We need to be a better influence and teach our kids great habits at a young age.  No wonder our kids are now expected to live less years than us.  We have gotten lazy and need to take back our health and promote healthy eating habits.  Jamie Oliver says healthy eating can be fun!  Yes, your kids will fight you on this if they have not been used to it, but is it worth the battle?  I say their health is most definitely worth the battle.  Find healthy twists on making their favorite foods.  Tosca Reno has a fabulous family/kids cookbook that can give you some great ideas.

There has also been talk about local farmers partnering up with their local schools to provide fresh food for the lunch programs.  That is a brilliant idea!  Support the local economies and farmers, plus eliminate the travel time so you can reduce the amount of processed food.  We need to find ways to support these types of programs.

Check out this new showwhich airs on Friday nights on ABC.  You can also find a link in the bottom right of this page to sign a petition to support the Food Revolution.  I would love to hear your thoughts and how you can make simple changes in your house.

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