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Unbroken Heart

Mike after doing WORK! “Crossfit isn’t for everyone, but anyone can do it.”

Dizzy. Hazy. Off. Strange. The sound of blood flowing fluidly through the chambers of the heart. Wait! Uneven. Broken. Staccato. Heart attack!

That was September of 2012. “It had been one week and one day from starting CrossFit. I wasn’t feeling well. I felt hazy, had some shoulder pain, and what seemed like, indigestion. I thought my shoulders were sore from the week of workouts,” Mike Fitch says. He blew off the other symptoms. The symptoms continued, and Fitch said he “just felt off.” A visit to the doctor confirmed he was having a heart attack.

The doctor informed Fitch he didn’t have any abnormal heart conditions, and it appeared to be a rare instance of a piece of plaque breaking off in his artery that created a blockage and thus the heart attack. A stent was put in, and he was prescribed blood thinners for a year. After a month of recovery, Fitch was given clearance and encouraged to continue CrossFit from his doctor. His doctor informed him to take it easy, and ease back into the workouts.

Mike Fitch is like many Americans. He was extremely active up through his mid-thirties, and then marriage, work, and family took over his time and priorities. Now at 56 years old, and after a 20-year hiatus from fitness, Fitch was looking to regain his health back. He was ready to make a change and quit letting life get away from him. “It was like my 40s just blew past me.” Fitch walked into CrossFit Loomis off the street and inquired about the program, ready for a fresh start. His daughter has been an active crossfitter in Korea and had suggested he give it a try.

After seven months, Fitch has lost over 52 pounds and is getting stronger every day. His mobility has dramatically increased and he’s motivated to take his health back.

Throughout the CrossFit Open season, Fitch has been driven like none other to leave his mark in his first experience with the open. He’s dedicated, consistent, and reaping the benefits of his change in lifestyle. He’s reclaimed his physical, mental, & spiritual health, as well as, his life back.

Coach Dave Pabalate shared, “Mike Fitch’s story is a perfect example of what is available through this program.” He’s a father, a husband, and trying to regain his health back. He is like many others out there. Pabalate states, “He has worked through the psychological process in coming to the gym. He is continuing to conquer the fears and stereotypes of what CrossFit is.” Just making it to the gym on a regular basis is progress. Progress is also learning functional movement again to conquer what life throws at you.

“Mike is an entrepreneur and he knows what success is,” states Coach Pabalate. Fitch owns two businesses and knows what kind of work it takes to be successful. Without a doubt, Fitch is a fighter and will continue to fight for that success. 

Most would take a step back with Fitch’s health scare. With a HUGE heart, Fitch is NOT broken and will continue to fight on in getting better along this journey of life.

Mike with his CrossFit Loomis community

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