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A Swift Kick in the Butt

Sometimes a good kick in the butt and self reflection is truly motivating.  I think many of you can relate. My friend Angel has some big health and wellness goals for herself and is truly committed to making progress and reaching those goals.  Angel shared her latest blog entry on Spark People with me and allowed me to repost:

"I worked out with my trainer on Sunday and we spent the day on legs with a little core work thrown in. Holyfreakingcrap. Not only was it hard for me to do the exercises, it became extremely frustrating when my body wasn't executing the moves the way I saw them in my head. I did them all, to the best of my ability, and worked hard but by the end of the session I was so disappointed and mad at my body that I almost cried. I kept thinking that my body had betrayed me because it wasn't performing the way I was telling it to.

Later, when I was in the locker room shower, I was still thinking about how "betrayed" I felt when it hit me... My body hadn't betrayed me; I had betrayed my body. My body was only performing to the level that it had become accustomed to. I know that seems like a really simple thought, but it had a huge impact on me. I just stood there for a moment, absorbing the weight of this new thought and then moved past the disappointment and anger to a new level of understanding and motivation.

If anything, I was more inspired than ever to push myself and work past all the physical and mental limitations I had burdened myself with. I was more excited than ever to stick to my plan and work towards progress and a better version of myself.

Sunday was a good day and I will keep that feeling in mind the next time I get down on myself for whatever reason. Positive outcomes only! "

Have you allowed yourself to betray your body?  As time goes on with continued habits, you may ask, "how did I let it go on so long?"  Sometimes it feels like you are so far from where you want to be, that the challenge is too great or daunting.  Sometimes you just need a good kick in the butt!  I love when we have a community of people who have the courage to share their goals, share their challenges, and share their successes.  The more we put them out there for the public to see, the more support that tends to flock our way, and the more accountable we tend to be to ourselves.  Sure, some could probably give a rip, but just knowing that you have made those goals public, tends to keep us focused and on track.  Go get after them!

Maybe you don't feel you have the best support system surrounding you?  If that is the case, there are many tools you can seek out on your own.  Spark People is a great online community that provides diet & fitness plans, recipes, calorie counters, and a community to connect with others for support like Angel's blog.  If you feel this would be a good fit for you, I encourage you to check it out here.  You can also try signing up for a new group fitness class or group training.  Being surrounded by people who have health and wellness as a priority, will help keep you on track and can be a great network of supportive people.

To read more of Angel's blog, check it out here:

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