Healthy Bodies Lead To Healthy Minds

Some of you are familiar with my philosophy- healthy bodies lead to healthy minds! None other does this philosophy ring true and clear than as of recently.  

To give you the brief background, the office has up and moved back to California. (Sorry for the recent quietness and departure... we've been here, just a little occupied with other things.) On a personal note, this is the 8th move in 11 years. No not military family, we just apparently enjoy being nomadic. Although I now claim professional mover status proudly, there are also the crazy stresses and down falls of moving so much.  It's plain tiring!!!  I'm exhausted and feeling a little bit on empty.  As you can imagine, moving is quite the work, but also add on business owner, mom, wife responsibilities that also included start of a new school year, extracurricular activities, and you have a full on ZOO going on here! This move really got me good and took it's toll.  I was starting to be aware of the noticeable toll the stress was taking on me.  I was having mild insomnia (BEWARE! No one wants to be around me with lack of sleep), going to bed exhausted and waking up exhausted, mild depression, lack of appetite, decreased strength gains in workouts, apathy in general, and I just looked like crap!  All of these being just out of the ordinary for me, and as a female and mom, you tend to chalk them all up to life being busy! I truly needed some self evaluation to reflect on what were the real causes here.

Now some people would choose to turn to other vices for coping, but I always know that sticking to my guns and keeping my workout appointments (yes, it is an appointment that's non-negotiable) and eating well, will always help keep the head clear and the body functioning through most stress. Through the moving process, I veered off path and regular routine, and needed self evaluation to make sure I got back on the right road. Ahhh! As soon as I went back to what I KNOW works and focus on what works for my total health- physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual, all those out-of-ordinary symptoms magically went away.

Many need to throughly evaluate what HEALTH means to them.  What does it look like in your eyes to be healthy?  Many miss the importance of all of what health entails and that includes, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects.  I am typically good at managing my stress levels. I thoroughly enjoy being busy at all times, but also know that I have to take down time. It's a requirement.  I cannot neglect one area of health, otherwise the others falter.  They are all interconnected and related, with the mind-body connection being truly amazing.  Healthy bodies DO lead to healthy minds!  What does health mean to you?




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