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Spring Goal Renovation

Well it's spring time, I think, as the weather isn't looking very spring-like here but the calendar says it is. You may have been doing some spring cleaning or be looking ahead to swimsuit season (you too guys!)-- is it really only two months away??  Some of you started off the year with some really astonishing BHAG's (Big, Hairy, Audacious, Goals) only to find it springtime and you are dwindling away from staying on track.  No worries, there is always time to push reset and get back on track.  Goals always need constant attention.  Maybe you just need a spring renovation for your goals?  

In the spirit of spring, are you taking a closer look to see if those goals could use some more love, attention, and maybe some tweaking?  Spring cleaning includes removing the clutter so you can stay focused and find the things that help move you forward and do not weigh you down.

Tips for spring renovation:

1. Make sure goals are written down and posted somewhere you see daily. This could be written down on a small piece of paper and kept in your wallet, or it could be a post-it note on your bathroom mirror, or maybe you have a lavish goal poster hung up with all your inspiration.  Whatever you choose, make sure it works for you and you see it daily. Don't just say, you have these in your head as a mental note.  Write them down!

2. Goals need realistic deadlines.  Maybe your end goal is long term, but it should have a realistic deadline.  Those little steps in reaching your large goal should also have deadlines.  Now it may not be the end of the world if you don't reach these goals on time, but you must hold yourself accountable and put a realistic date to it.  If you are far off from those deadlines this spring, then re-adjust and get back on track.  There isn't anything wrong with putting a new date to it... unless you keep changing the date and it becomes a habit :).

3.  Don't get discouraged.  I know that sometimes that is easier said than done, but you can reach the summit!  No one but yourself can hold you back. You may question at this point if it is achievable or cast doubt if that goal is attainable, but have an honest conversation with yourself or someone you trust to really find out if it is truly important to you.  Get after it and persevere!  You need to also recognize partial accomplishment even if you are just off the mark.  You may need to break down some of those goals into more manageable steps.  Find a healthy balance where you can get back on track.

4. Drop them like it's hot and get rid of the negative, unsupportive people.  Well some of them may be family so you can't quite eliminate them, but you can choose to not let them bring you down or put roadblocks up for you.  Find supportive people that you trust and can give healthy encouragement along the way.

5.  Draw up new plans.  You are the architect for your life and sometimes that requires getting new plans.  Maybe the goal you started off with has changed over time and you now seek a different path? Maybe you need to knock down a few walls for a true breakthrough that screams YOU!  Always evaluate and re-evaluate your progress.

Lululemon recently had a blog entry that inspired this post and I love their last statement.  "Next to breaking a sweat, goal setting is the best way to up the resale value on one of your greatest assets: yourself! Remember to have some fun while you're at it.  What are you busy renovating?"

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