Superhero Status

I believe we all seek to have superhero status in some aspect of life.  Well maybe not 'superhero', but we all seek to be amazing and suck less at life!

I have always wanted to be a superhero. Early in life, I savored wearing my wonderful, fabulous, poly-blend underoos.  I loved those suckers! We got to purchase new sets once a month at the amazing Swains General Store in my little hometown. {Yes, Swains really did have everything!} The best thing I remember about these underoos, was everytime I put them on, I truly felt I had super powers! I felt amazing, and was always bursting with self confidence.  

Those shoes are magical. Always combined with my awesome underoos, were a sweet set of kicks. When I got a new pair of shoes as a kid, I would race circles around the house shouting at my dad, "Look dad! Look how fast these shoes are!" {ok, maybe I still do it} I always believed those shoes had an extra special something that gave me superhero powers to run extra fast. This probably explains my fascination and signature trend of colorful, bright, and CRAZY colored athletic shoes. {yes, the crazy, multi-colored ones also do glow in the dark...} The kid in me still seeks superhero status!



I must create the strength and find the willpower to attack whatever comes my way: life, parenting, gym...  At some point, I learned that the underoos and shoes were an illusion of my superhero status, and that deep down those powers come from within. I recall being bummed when I learned that realization. I did gain wisdom by learning that although there wasn't true magic with those special superhero aides, it does not stop me from continuing to strive to be better, make good choices, and suck less at life.



If you can't find the superhero, then go seek inside. Pull it out. Ignite the fire. Go create it! Reflect now on life's journey at this current state of time. Where is the superhero in you? Where is the strength and willpower to take on life's punches? Your cape awaits you.



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