Anna Kournikova

A Biggest Loser Shocker!

WTH!!!!  Are you kidding me??  With the Biggest Loser finale airing on the west coast in a couple hours, news has broke via New York Magazine that Anna Kournikova will be a new "trainer" on the next season of Biggest Loser.  I'm sorry, did I read that right???  Although it is reality TV and Anna is a pretty face that happened to dabble in the higher ups of tennis, this has got to be the most ridiculous change coming for an otherwise inspiring show.  They stated that they wanted the show's direction to focus more on "well being & health..." Ummm, I thought it did go in that direction.  Are other trainers just going to give her the workouts to facilitate so it appears she knows what she is doing?

The gals over at Fit Bottomed Girls brought up some concerns and valid points I agree with.  The verdict and dialogue is out on this one.  Does she have fitness credentials in training or coaching in health & wellness??  Just because you are a professional athlete, does not mean you have the credibility to educate and train others in that arena.  I find it a total disrespect to the fitness professionals out there that have spent countless hours in receiving education, training, college degrees, and time spent with getting credible certifications.  Some of us take this profession seriously!

What are your thoughts?

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