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So if you're in the social media arena even a smidge, you've probably heard of Pinterest. It's a newer social media type where it's basically a virtual pin board. You can post pictures, videos, & links to various things you find on the web and organize them to various "boards."

Many of us have newly been sucked in and can't quite figure out why we spend so much time here. You didn't realize there are so many things that could interest you from funny quotes, DIY projects, recipes, home decor, fashion, motivational quotes, etc.

For me, Pinterest reminds me of a modern version of my teenage self being fascinated with making collages out of magazines. I had a love for athletics, sports, inspirational quotes, and the latest super models like Niki Taylor :). I would spend hours cutting and organizing my artwork to be strategically placed on an 8 x 10 piece of paper so I could slide it into the front of my see thru vinyl school binder. I had all my inspiration in front of me to see on a daily basis! I don't know how many times I re-made my infamous collages, but I loved doing them.





Pinterest is the current version to keep inspiration and ideas in all one visible, easily organized space. Plus, one doesn't have to scour the web bookmarking every page that had a good idea. Much easier to quickly "pin it" so one can come back to it later, and the link to original website is tagged there as well. Viola!

Dynamic Edge recently set up our own Pinterest boards for health and fitness. If you are looking for some motivation, inspirational wisdom, favorite fitness finds, recipes, or books, come check out our boards and follow us!

PS Make sure you watch the motivational video above. Makes us want to hit the playing field or gym RIGHT now!

A Biggest Loser Shocker!

WTH!!!!  Are you kidding me??  With the Biggest Loser finale airing on the west coast in a couple hours, news has broke via New York Magazine that Anna Kournikova will be a new "trainer" on the next season of Biggest Loser.  I'm sorry, did I read that right???  Although it is reality TV and Anna is a pretty face that happened to dabble in the higher ups of tennis, this has got to be the most ridiculous change coming for an otherwise inspiring show.  They stated that they wanted the show's direction to focus more on "well being & health..." Ummm, I thought it did go in that direction.  Are other trainers just going to give her the workouts to facilitate so it appears she knows what she is doing?

The gals over at Fit Bottomed Girls brought up some concerns and valid points I agree with.  The verdict and dialogue is out on this one.  Does she have fitness credentials in training or coaching in health & wellness??  Just because you are a professional athlete, does not mean you have the credibility to educate and train others in that arena.  I find it a total disrespect to the fitness professionals out there that have spent countless hours in receiving education, training, college degrees, and time spent with getting credible certifications.  Some of us take this profession seriously!

What are your thoughts?

Healthy Edge Links

Healthy Edge Links

In case you may have not seen The Fun Theory, here is the video again.  One of my all time faves to watch and love the context.  Can we put these in some of the malls??  Enjoy the weekly Healthy Edge Links.

Healthy Edge Links

Hey all!  So I am always perusing the internet reading up on health, fitness, and wellness information.  Although many of you see the links via social media, I felt compelled to share with all on a weekly basis my recent findings and of-interest reads.  Here is the first edition of my healthy edge links for you.  Enjoy!  If you find some great ones of your own, please send them my way.  I love to hear from all of you.





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