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So if you're in the social media arena even a smidge, you've probably heard of Pinterest. It's a newer social media type where it's basically a virtual pin board. You can post pictures, videos, & links to various things you find on the web and organize them to various "boards."

Many of us have newly been sucked in and can't quite figure out why we spend so much time here. You didn't realize there are so many things that could interest you from funny quotes, DIY projects, recipes, home decor, fashion, motivational quotes, etc.

For me, Pinterest reminds me of a modern version of my teenage self being fascinated with making collages out of magazines. I had a love for athletics, sports, inspirational quotes, and the latest super models like Niki Taylor :). I would spend hours cutting and organizing my artwork to be strategically placed on an 8 x 10 piece of paper so I could slide it into the front of my see thru vinyl school binder. I had all my inspiration in front of me to see on a daily basis! I don't know how many times I re-made my infamous collages, but I loved doing them.





Pinterest is the current version to keep inspiration and ideas in all one visible, easily organized space. Plus, one doesn't have to scour the web bookmarking every page that had a good idea. Much easier to quickly "pin it" so one can come back to it later, and the link to original website is tagged there as well. Viola!

Dynamic Edge recently set up our own Pinterest boards for health and fitness. If you are looking for some motivation, inspirational wisdom, favorite fitness finds, recipes, or books, come check out our boards and follow us!

PS Make sure you watch the motivational video above. Makes us want to hit the playing field or gym RIGHT now!

Giving you an Edge- Gym in a Bag

Hey everyone!  Many of my family and friends know how much I LOVE the TRX!  This is one piece of equipment that is for ANYONE, at ANY skill level, and uses just your body weight for a full body workout.  You can use at home, in a gym, or even at a park.  It can be used ANYWHERE and you need just one piece of equipment to get an effective workout.  You can always easily change resistance in a few short seconds if it is too difficult or if you are fatigued.  Ultimately the best money spent.

The video here shows a few uses as seen on the Biggest Loser.  It is seriously one of my favorites.  Check it out!

UPDATE: Currently you can purchase the TRX for 15% off and FREE shipping through 1/31/12 Check out this link!

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Shoes from Specialty Running Stores

If you are a runner, even a beginner who has yet to claim the "runner" title, it is definitely worth your time to go to a specialty running shoe store to find shoes that are truly made for your feet and gait. Now I have been through many pairs of running shoes over the years... kind of obsessively. Not a heel girl, but definitely have some Imelda Marcos in me with my selection of fitness shoes. I used to only buy my running shoes based on how they looked. They had to be cute, have great color, typically needed a certain swoosh, and that was all that mattered. As time went on, they also had to be comfy, but I still required the cuteness factor.

In my old-er, wise-er years and after four knee surgeries, I finally decided to do some more research on what are the best running shoes for my feet and also for my joints. I sought out a speciality running store that awakened me to a wealth of knowledge. Wow! Talk about an experience that has made working out so much more comfortable and pain free.

So what's involved in the specialty running shoe experience? First, it's personal. The sales person asks about your activity (high intensity/lots), mileage (not much!), and what concerns I had about my shoes. I said they have to be versatile enough for running or circuit training, enough cushion for my achy knee joints, and of course, they had to be cute! I'm sure the guy was rolling his eyes at that requirement. Second, they put me on a treadmill with a camera behind to video tape my running form and to look at my foot strike.  Prognosis- supinator & moderately high arches. That would mean I would need a neutral shoe.  I didn't know there was such a thing as a neutral shoe. I knew the difference between supination and pronation, but didn't know the population tended to trend in a certain way. Yep, I'm an oddball once again! Apparently the large majority of the population are pronators, which means the ankle rolls in more upon heel strike. There are a wider selection and style of running shoes made for that population of pronators. Unfortunately, I'm one who supinatesand therefore my ankle rolls out more and I tend to have a lot of pressure on the outside metatarsals. The bummer about this is there isn't a wide selection of neutral shoes out there, and to be honest, they look like bricks! Ugh!

So the salesperson brings out a couple styles of neutral shoes for me to try on. First impression, UGGGGLY! They look like bricks, and one of the two that he brought out were gold and green. Um, gold isn't really my color. I'll leave those to the leprechauns...  So trying to have an open mind (yeah right!), I try the first pair on and miraculously, I am so dumbfounded on how comfortable they are! What a difference to have shoes on your feet that actually feel like they were made for your feet. Plenty of cush and comfort! I did another treadmill test and realized these were definitely the properfit shoes for my feet. Awesome! Now, the only thing holding me up--- had to buy the other blue pair because my last requirement was they had to be cute! Mission accomplished.

Such a wealth of knowledge that I learned and now when I buy a new pair of running shoes, I know to look for the neutral styles. I've tried a few different brands and styles and now have it narrowed down so I am confident in buying a pair online and having them fit like a glove with all the comfort.

I strongly suggest you seek out your local speciality running shoe store before you purchase your next pair of running shoes. It is time so well worth spent and the information was invaluable!

Happy running or training!

Loving 'The Best of Clean Eating'

I can count on one digit how many times I have ranted and raved about cooking and a recipe this would be the only time I have gotten so excited about either cooking or a recipe book!  You see I do not enjoy cooking and I truly hate preparation time for cooking.  When I'm hungry, I just want to eat.  But, I am truly dedicated to myself and my family in making sure that we get nutritious, healthy meals 99.9% of the time.  Since that is my priority, I have no other option than just getting over my dread of cooking.  I must keep seeking out fun, fast, easy, yummy meals that keep the whole family properly fueled.

Now I have been familiar with the Clean Eating Magazine that is on newsstands, but I prefer one comprehensive resource since cooking is not my typical thing.  The crew over there at Robert Kennedy Publishing and the editors of the Clean Eating Magazine decided to publish all the best goodies in The Best of Clean Eating.  These recipes are so yummy and the chapters are organized simply & practically: quick & easy, budget friendly, five ingredient meals, seasonal, etc.  They have even included four weeks of meal plans and their shopping lists.  The great thing about all of them, is there aren't a bunch of ingredients that you wouldn't typically use or foods that are way out of normal.

I am absolutely loving this book and all the recipes!  I have included a link HERE from my FAVORITES page (scroll to bottom) if you want to have Amazon ship you a copy.  Let me know which recipes you are loving.

Best in health & happy cooking!

Favorite Fitness Finds

Back with some fun health and fitness finds!  Being the gadget nerd that I am, the first one is just super cool!  I need to be the next person that comes up with these cool things.  The second, has been an added bonus in my house for awhile.  I love smoothies and mixing anything and everything.  I also love some peanut butter so this just makes me enjoy some more.  Watch here to see why I think these two are favorite finds of mine.

1. Lucy Tech running gloves- Super cool so you can use your touch screen devices without taking off your gloves.  Love these!!!

2. PB2- powdered peanut butter.  85% less calories so you can enjoy without the added guilt.  The peanuts have been pressed so they remove a lot of the oils and therefore fat.  Still get the yummy peanut flavor!  Add to your smoothies or come up with a fabulous recipe of your own.

What are your favorite health and fitness finds??  Please share.

Best in health-

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