Loving 'The Best of Clean Eating'

I can count on one digit how many times I have ranted and raved about cooking and a recipe book...um this would be the only time I have gotten so excited about either cooking or a recipe book!  You see I do not enjoy cooking and I truly hate preparation time for cooking.  When I'm hungry, I just want to eat.  But, I am truly dedicated to myself and my family in making sure that we get nutritious, healthy meals 99.9% of the time.  Since that is my priority, I have no other option than just getting over my dread of cooking.  I must keep seeking out fun, fast, easy, yummy meals that keep the whole family properly fueled.

Now I have been familiar with the Clean Eating Magazine that is on newsstands, but I prefer one comprehensive resource since cooking is not my typical thing.  The crew over there at Robert Kennedy Publishing and the editors of the Clean Eating Magazine decided to publish all the best goodies in The Best of Clean Eating.  These recipes are so yummy and the chapters are organized simply & practically: quick & easy, budget friendly, five ingredient meals, seasonal, etc.  They have even included four weeks of meal plans and their shopping lists.  The great thing about all of them, is there aren't a bunch of ingredients that you wouldn't typically use or foods that are way out of normal.

I am absolutely loving this book and all the recipes!  I have included a link HERE from my FAVORITES page (scroll to bottom) if you want to have Amazon ship you a copy.  Let me know which recipes you are loving.

Best in health & happy cooking!

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