The Battle of The CrossFit Open

Nine months ago I couldn't get in and out of the car comfortably or put my socks on, let alone pick up a barbell. I don't know why I was choosing to have a mental battle with myself.

CrossFit is just the vehicle that's helping me attack the battle. The previous two years when Open season rolled around, I was attempting to do the workouts with separate episodes of a herniated disc. Yeah, not the smartest choices in attempting to push yourself a little more when you're dealing with that kind of injury. Both years, I could only complete one or two workouts. Of course I was frustrated with the injury since the previous progress in training was at a peak, and then BOOM!, you can't prove it. Injury sideline!

This competitive spirit has had some real rolling hills with fitness, training, and injuries the last couple years. After finally addressing the situation, completing surgery, and now on a healthy recovery track, we come upon The Open season again. The competitive fire burns a little more, and the community gets a little more amped up to participate in this five week season. This five week frenzy is a way to see where your fitness is, what you need to work on, and work together with your fellow community members in a battle at the gym where you can celebrate each other!

This season has just begun and I am excited about being able to complete a season injury free, while making smart choices. I fully expected with the post recovery process that I would be able to complete all workouts as prescribed. A reality check occurred! Although recovery has been great, I am still adding loads and movements slowly to what I was able to do pre-injury. I am trying to make the smart choice, and not attempt movements & loads that probably are less than ideal for a healthy back right now.

Scaled. With an additional option this year to do The Open workouts scaled (meaning modified and/or less load), it has provided a safe alternative to choose for where I am right now. Do I like doing the 'scaled' option? NO! But that's ok. It is still a great workout, a lot of reps, and a safe weight load for RIGHT NOW. I know where I've been before, and I will get back there.

At this point in the journey, I am ok with what 'right now' entails. Today I am getting the strength back, and working up to loads that feel safe and within reason for right now. The end goal = fitness for life.

It's always a race to me. The race is just taking a little longer now, and I'm ok with that.


Dynamic Edge Inspiration- A True Success Story

BEFOREHeight: 5' 10"
Pregnancy Weight (highest weight):  212
Off season weight: 145-148, size 6-8
(15% body fat)
Competition weight:  136-138, size 4-6
(8.5% body fat) 

Angie Gooding was your typical wife and mom and with her second pregnancy, had a life changing moment that would inspire her to take control and become a fitness force to reckon with.

Her story:  Angie grew up in a small town in Washington State, was active, and played high school sports. She went on to college where she continued to stay active and studied education.  She was a high school teacher in Seattle for four years and then moved on to work in the wedding industry.  Throughout this time period, she got married and had two children.  After giving birth to her two children with no meds, she realized how powerful and capable the human body was.  I love her story already!  Even though her pregnancies were great and easy, she did not enjoy being pregnant, big, and uncomfortable.  Can all you moms relate?  She decided to see how far she could push her capable body, and leave the discomfort of pregnancy far behind her.  See before/after pics.  She had always been athletic, but she started to learn more about weight training, and how it can improve the shape and function of the body.  Pregnancy really was the turning point for her.  While trying to get back in shape after pregnancy, she started lifting weights regularly and really started noticing changes in her body.  Some of you need to start weight training...  She decided to hire a trainer to learn more and coincidently, there was a bodybuilding show three months after she hired her trainer, so she figured it was a good goal.  It was a fun experience for her and she learned so much through the process regarding the training, nutrition, dedication, and hardwork it takes to prepare for these events.  After this experience, she decided to pursue health and fitness as a new profession and became certified as a personal trainer.

Angie now owns and runs her own personal training business in Marysville, WA – Inspire Fitness & TrainingAppropriately named, don’t you think?  Through her previous various career paths she learned wonderful teaching experience and marketing knowledge that helps benefit her newly formed profession in the fitness field.  As a trainer, her clients have now lost a combined 501 pounds and counting since January 2009.  She is also currently represented by Sports Unlimited, a Fitness Modeling Agency out of Portland, OR.

Angie is definitely a fitness inspiration.  Her clients get results and Angie obviously leads by example.  As a fellow fitness professional, I admire her journey and story.  She is a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, and a professional.  Many of us can relate to the schedule challenges, and hectic events life can bring. We all have to learn to juggle it all.  She is a No Excuses person and finds time to make health and fitness a priority.  She is extremely dedicated and willing to do what it takes to be a leader as a fitness professional.


We checked in to ask a few more questions for Angie:

How do you balance family, fitness, and running a business?

Good question…I balance it very carefully!  I train out of my home, and clients come early in the morning before my children are awake.  I also train in the afternoons, and we have a neighbor girl come to watch the kids.  I do not work past 6:30 so that I can have dinner with the family—even though I could have additional clients later in the evening, it is a commitment I have to my family to be there for them.  I tend to fit my own fitness in when I can—I do not take clients on M/W during the day, so I go to the gym then and my son plays with little friends at the YMCA.  I also am committed to weekend workouts.  Lastly, I do not cook.  I worship the Crockpot, and do not use recipes. I just throw in healthy food and hope it turns out.  I also make HUGE salads that last four days and drag them out every night for dinner.  My husband BBQ’s so I save a lot of time by refusing to cook.  If I do cook, I make triple batches of everything, and freeze the leftovers for future dinners.

Any advice for those struggling to get the health & fitness goals they want?

Get real, be honest, and be consistent.  Select a group of people to support you, write your goals on paper, and refuse to use excuses.

What’s on your music playlist right now?
The Ting-tings, Nickelback, Pink.

What is in store for Angie Gooding in the future?

Time will tell!  I would love to get into fitness leadership of some kind…do more bodybuilding shows, run a half marathon, and support my children with their own healthy lifestyles!

A true fitness inspiration and success story.  What's your success story?

Best in health-

Getting an Edge With Clean Eating- A Success Story

So here we share one great example of how clean eating can change your life.  I cannot emphasize more the health benefits that you can attain by focusing on what you put in your body and how your fuel it.  Here is a success story from Regina Schideler.  She is an inspiration and testament on how we can change our habits and get huge lifestyle results.  Remember healthy bodies, lead to healthy minds!  Here's her story:

In December I had a blood test done that showed I am allergic to MANY foods I loved and ate on a regular basis (red meat, shellfish, white fish, buffalo, cow's milk, soy, gluten, yeast, corn, etc...). I will not die from eating many of those things, but I do have uncomfortable reactions and wonder how much they were holding me back since no matter what I did, that scale did not BUDGE!  More than anything, that test caused me to start evaluating my eating habits and my need to lose the baby fat from my baby who is now ONE.

I worked out every single morning at 5am, but ate 'normal' food.  Anything from shrimp scampi, burgers, steak or roast 2-3 times per week, potatoes and always a large salad.  I am not a big sugar-eater, so I figured since I did not eat a lot of sugar and have not had a soda in over 12 years, I must be eating just fine!

I started on Feb 14th with very strict clean eating.  I gained my inspiration by googling many blogs from clean eaters, reading all of Tosca Reno's books and her magazines.  The biggest impact came from watching a few movies: Food Inc., Earthlings, and The Future of Food.

I did not tell anyone I was changing my habits, I just did it. There are many people out there with lots of opinions on what you should and should not do with your life.  I did not need a reason to stop doing what I felt was right.

I am 5'8"; WAS 184lbs and I am now 152lbs. I have lost 32lbs so far and my goal is to hit 140-ish in the next couple of months.  I was not very good at keeping track of my inches, but I do know I was fitting in a very tight size 12 (was probably more like a 14 unless it was stretchy) and now fit in my size 8's!  I plan to be in the size 6's that are overwhelming my closet and begging for me to wear them once again before they are out of style!

I now eat mostly vegetarian, borderline vegan.  I use a lot of recipes from the Kind Diet cookbook (Alicia Silverstone) and I am addicted to quinoa, sea vegetables, almond butter, almond milk, squash, couscous and different bean sources for my main proteins.  Occasionally I gobble up a Morningstar burger if I am short on time, but I really try my best to stay away from processed foods or anything that has an ingredient I cannot pronounce.  Vegetables dipped in homemade hummus are a staple food.

Regina is reaping the benefits of healthy lifestyle changes.  Not only is she losing the stubborn weight and becoming healthier as she reaches closer to a healthy goal weight, she also has the energy to enjoy life and keep up with her busy family!  Her story is so like many out there.  It just takes a choice to live life as healthy as possible so you can enjoy yourself and give more to others.

What's your success story?  Remember I am always listening to your successes and challenges along the journey.

Best in health-

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