A LONG couple years of dealing with injury. I'm thankful to be on the other side of recovery! 

I've recently had several inquiries about my story the last year. As we wrap up 2015 and I reflect back upon the previous year, I felt it was time to share a little more.

The Battle of The CrossFit Open

Nine months ago I couldn't get in and out of the car comfortably or put my socks on, let alone pick up a barbell. I don't know why I was choosing to have a mental battle with myself.

CrossFit is just the vehicle that's helping me attack the battle. The previous two years when Open season rolled around, I was attempting to do the workouts with separate episodes of a herniated disc. Yeah, not the smartest choices in attempting to push yourself a little more when you're dealing with that kind of injury. Both years, I could only complete one or two workouts. Of course I was frustrated with the injury since the previous progress in training was at a peak, and then BOOM!, you can't prove it. Injury sideline!

This competitive spirit has had some real rolling hills with fitness, training, and injuries the last couple years. After finally addressing the situation, completing surgery, and now on a healthy recovery track, we come upon The Open season again. The competitive fire burns a little more, and the community gets a little more amped up to participate in this five week season. This five week frenzy is a way to see where your fitness is, what you need to work on, and work together with your fellow community members in a battle at the gym where you can celebrate each other!

This season has just begun and I am excited about being able to complete a season injury free, while making smart choices. I fully expected with the post recovery process that I would be able to complete all workouts as prescribed. A reality check occurred! Although recovery has been great, I am still adding loads and movements slowly to what I was able to do pre-injury. I am trying to make the smart choice, and not attempt movements & loads that probably are less than ideal for a healthy back right now.

Scaled. With an additional option this year to do The Open workouts scaled (meaning modified and/or less load), it has provided a safe alternative to choose for where I am right now. Do I like doing the 'scaled' option? NO! But that's ok. It is still a great workout, a lot of reps, and a safe weight load for RIGHT NOW. I know where I've been before, and I will get back there.

At this point in the journey, I am ok with what 'right now' entails. Today I am getting the strength back, and working up to loads that feel safe and within reason for right now. The end goal = fitness for life.

It's always a race to me. The race is just taking a little longer now, and I'm ok with that.


Looking Forward- Amazeballs!

                                                Source: via Dynamic Edge on Pinterest

Observations. As I lay beach side relaxing recently on a family trip to Hawaii, I noticed the familiar sound of the bumblebee. Some of you may be familiar with the story of the bumblebee and why I love the metaphor. If you missed it, check it out here.

Super sized HUGE! The crazy thing about these bumblebees in Hawaii, is they are black and GINORMOUS. I’m talking huge! Like beef cake bugs on crazy supplements. I don’t typically have issues with insects, but these suckers are amazing and I would rather stay afar. As I listened and observed these bumblebees, I realized that these Hawaiian bumblebees, in particular, should have no business flying. I mean, if you think of pure physics, it doesn’t seem at all possible that they get off the ground. The are HUGE lug butts. I mean, how much time do they need for take-off? {I'm pretty sure that's a legitimate description. Maybe not, but you get the picture.}

Hard work. Determination. Dedication. Through this observation, it just solidified my belief that even though it doesn’t seem possible at times for one to attain their huge goals and aspirations, or maybe even get off the ground, with lots of hard work, determination, and dedication, one can overcome their setbacks and truly fly in this adventure of life!!! I want to be like that bumblebee, and why shouldn’t I be able to fly?


Bumblebee motivation for New Year WOD

Reflection. As I have now had a chance to reflect back, I have spent a good amount of time looking forward and examining what I want to attack in this new year. I want to train with purpose and have no regrets. I dare to believe that I can do this. This year can totally be AMAZEBALLS!

Source: via Dynamic Edge on Pinterest

Perspective. A recent conversation with a coach included some wonderful thought provoking questions to put things in perspective for me. “Are you having fun?” “Will you ever be satisfied or are you a type of person that keeps always wanting more?”

Fun factor- Yes, it’s fun. I’ve really had to learn to keep a good balance here as it should fun. Yeah, we’ll have our off days but overall, the fun factor is critical. Important to always keep the fun factor in perspective and learn to laugh at yourself, enjoy the process, and acknowledge the progress. FUN! 

Satisfaction? Honestly, I don't know. I do always want more or maybe something different. Self-defeating? Maybe. Or maybe not. In crossfit, the great thing is you can always be better at something. That's probably why I found my happy place here. I enjoy attaining and reaching goals, but yes, I do always want to be striving for something new. That keeps me fresh, motivated, and inspired. I like to check things off my list. That keeps me satisfied and fulfilled.

Celebrate. It is just as important to celebrate where we are at right now. Don't forget to celebrate the journey.

Here's to making the new year AMAZEBALLS! Dare to believe you can fly. Your life is awaiting your greatness.


**A note: after looking up info. on the ginormous Hawaiian bumblebees, it’s noted that they are actually Sonoran Carpenter bees… Whatev! Minor details. They are still scary amazeballs who shouldn't be able to fly!

All Out!

Yes, this is the aftermath of an ALL OUT workout. {Thanks PB}Why do you show up and not give your all? Seriously, why does one waste time coming to class or the gym if it's a mediocre effort at best? Ya, you are allowed an off day. It happens. {you can read about my thoughts on that sucky off day here} But really though? I don't understand showing up with a self limiting attitude and effort. What is REALLY holding you back?

Beast mode doesn't always have to be on, but why wouldn't you try? If you are making the commitment to show up for an hour or whatever your schedule allows, you are only defeating yourself, and the body God gave you, if you don't leave your best effort out there. What's the point if you're not going to give the effort? Half-assed shouldn't fly.

What's holding you back from allowing yourself to tap into that unlimited potential? Quit comparing yourself to the bubbly, fit girl on the treadmill, or the meathead that looks juiced in the weight room. Just find your zone and allow yourself to be great, in all areas of health and fitness. YOUR best self! Whatever that means to YOU! Guaranteed you have more effort to give than you think; are stronger than you think; have more endurance than you think, and can elevate your intensity more than you think. 

You may need an extra nudge or push to find that untapped potential. For me, it varies. Sometimes it's my fellow fitness sidekick, my coach, my previous effort, or maybe the clock. When given the opportunity, you probably will consider or even stop to get that drink of water or put that bar down. It's easy. Why not? Ask yourself, WHY? Your water can find an appropriate rest point. Pick the damn bar back up and get it done.

Do what you say you are going to do and find passion in doing it. If the workout calls for a certain amount of reps or rounds, commit to it and do it. Maybe that's not the same as the person next to you, but commit to what you are going to do. Don't be a damn cheater! Do you do that in life when things get too tough? A little strain and you take a shortcut or you throw in the towel? You are being shadow counted, so do what you say you are going to do.

Physcial fitness is only a platform to mold, shape, and refine you as a person and how you perform in life. This isn't about being the best physical specimen in fitness that's out there. Here me clearly on that point. This is about training your mind and who you are, to be great. This is about the serious effort you make to grow as a person so that you can do great work in daily life. That's what is important.

Don't waste your time if you're not willing to put in the effort. Your free hall pass/easy route is only valid for so long-- hopefully it's a short stint. Leave it all out there. What have you got to lose?

Believe. Surrendering Not Acceptable!

                                              Source: via Dynamic Edge on Pinterest

Powerful. A recent blog post here at Dynamic Edge referenced the Bumblebee Spirit and how the bumble bee does not know they shouldn't be able to fly. With a determined spirit and lots of hard work, the bumble bee overcomes it's limiting factors and is able to fly. {check out the post if you missed the message}

Inspired beyond belief. I love a good inspirational story or movie, especially when it comes to health, fitness, or sports in general. Rudy, Remember the Titans, Forrest Gump, Field of Dreams, The Blind Side, Rocky, Brian's Song... Oh the list goes on! When I recently saw this video surfacing around facebook, I knew I would be a sucker for the view.

Here is an individual who sacrificed his life by serving our country, and then had circumstances that his doctors, himself, and many others thought would be limiting and debilitating throughout the rest of his life. It took one person to believe in him that sparked him, and an overwhelming desire to overcome what many thought would not be done.

Are you that "ONE" person for someone? Who can you challenge and encourage to be a fighter and push themselves beyond what they think can be done? We all have the fighter spirit. We just need to find it. Some graciously have it exposed at all times, easily stirred up, and some need it ripped out as it's been buried for so long.

dont stop believing.png

Challenge those who think it cannot be done. Fight the fight and fuel the fire. You can acheive greatness in the face of adversity. Believe in yourself and work your ass off!

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