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Looking Forward- Amazeballs!

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Observations. As I lay beach side relaxing recently on a family trip to Hawaii, I noticed the familiar sound of the bumblebee. Some of you may be familiar with the story of the bumblebee and why I love the metaphor. If you missed it, check it out here.

Super sized HUGE! The crazy thing about these bumblebees in Hawaii, is they are black and GINORMOUS. I’m talking huge! Like beef cake bugs on crazy supplements. I don’t typically have issues with insects, but these suckers are amazing and I would rather stay afar. As I listened and observed these bumblebees, I realized that these Hawaiian bumblebees, in particular, should have no business flying. I mean, if you think of pure physics, it doesn’t seem at all possible that they get off the ground. The are HUGE lug butts. I mean, how much time do they need for take-off? {I'm pretty sure that's a legitimate description. Maybe not, but you get the picture.}

Hard work. Determination. Dedication. Through this observation, it just solidified my belief that even though it doesn’t seem possible at times for one to attain their huge goals and aspirations, or maybe even get off the ground, with lots of hard work, determination, and dedication, one can overcome their setbacks and truly fly in this adventure of life!!! I want to be like that bumblebee, and why shouldn’t I be able to fly?


Bumblebee motivation for New Year WOD

Reflection. As I have now had a chance to reflect back, I have spent a good amount of time looking forward and examining what I want to attack in this new year. I want to train with purpose and have no regrets. I dare to believe that I can do this. This year can totally be AMAZEBALLS!

Source: via Dynamic Edge on Pinterest

Perspective. A recent conversation with a coach included some wonderful thought provoking questions to put things in perspective for me. “Are you having fun?” “Will you ever be satisfied or are you a type of person that keeps always wanting more?”

Fun factor- Yes, it’s fun. I’ve really had to learn to keep a good balance here as it should fun. Yeah, we’ll have our off days but overall, the fun factor is critical. Important to always keep the fun factor in perspective and learn to laugh at yourself, enjoy the process, and acknowledge the progress. FUN! 

Satisfaction? Honestly, I don't know. I do always want more or maybe something different. Self-defeating? Maybe. Or maybe not. In crossfit, the great thing is you can always be better at something. That's probably why I found my happy place here. I enjoy attaining and reaching goals, but yes, I do always want to be striving for something new. That keeps me fresh, motivated, and inspired. I like to check things off my list. That keeps me satisfied and fulfilled.

Celebrate. It is just as important to celebrate where we are at right now. Don't forget to celebrate the journey.

Here's to making the new year AMAZEBALLS! Dare to believe you can fly. Your life is awaiting your greatness.


**A note: after looking up info. on the ginormous Hawaiian bumblebees, it’s noted that they are actually Sonoran Carpenter bees… Whatev! Minor details. They are still scary amazeballs who shouldn't be able to fly!

Quick Reflection Back

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In order to look forward, one should quickly glance back, if even just for a short glimpse, to learn and move forward.

2012 conclusion. I recently reflected on this past year in examining my world of health. There was a turning point last January when I took on the crazies and tried the adventure of crossfit. Yes, we are all a bunch of lunatics, but fun, nonetheless. You see, this mama needed a change of scenery to keep the mental health sane, the physical health new, and the spiritual health in perspective. All this, while finding a balance among the three.

As I look back I truly have to keep all in perspective. I have high expectations for myself, I am super competitive, and I am, to a fault, very impatient {I’m continually working on this}. I am still a rookie in this fitness arena and that needs to be acknowledged. Most athletes that are inspiring to me, have been in this crossfit world for several years. I love to hear their stories and backgrounds, as most started at a “real” level. As I see them now, I have to keep perspective that they have MANY years of experience doing this stuff. I jumped into this arena late "-er".

Perspective. I found some old video clips from when I first started crossfit last January. Here is one of when I was learning the clean and jerk.

clean jerk 1-12 from Misty Smith on Vimeo.

Can this be any more slooooooowwwww motion? Ha! Sweet running shoes too {I’m a shoe girl, and if you lift, you know running shoes aren’t ideal}.

My first workout of crossfit January 2, 2012 included a boatload of pull ups. 

15 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of:

15 pullups

20 box jumps

200m run

Completion. I completed 75 banded pull ups that first day using the heaviest band! We’re talking the thickest mama jamma band that basically skyrockets you in the air. The last couple rounds & reps I was STRUGGGLING to get my chin up and over the bar... with the THICKEST BAND!!! {Let me tell you that I had written off pull ups before this as I never thought I’d be able to do more than a couple & I had every excuse as to why I wouldn’t be able to do them.} My biceps were SOOOOOO sore after, that I couldn’t straighten my one arm for four days!!! Welcome to crossfit and get used to pull ups. Ha!

Rx. To those in crossfit world, you know how "Rx" can be a scary and intimidating symbol. It can also be a sign of accomplishment. I recall seeing the Rx (prescribed) weights and thought it would be a LONG road before I would be doing 95lb cleans more than one time... 


Ah perspective. There has been progress. I can look back and giggle some, but I can also honestly acknowledge where I started and how far I’ve come. We all start somewhere. All from a different perspective. Know that what looks to be a huge feat now, is attainable and you will be able to do it! Maybe not right now, but at some point you can!!

Now here's to looking forward!

{You can read here about my first thoughts when I started this crazy journey.} 

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