Quick Reflection Back

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In order to look forward, one should quickly glance back, if even just for a short glimpse, to learn and move forward.

2012 conclusion. I recently reflected on this past year in examining my world of health. There was a turning point last January when I took on the crazies and tried the adventure of crossfit. Yes, we are all a bunch of lunatics, but fun, nonetheless. You see, this mama needed a change of scenery to keep the mental health sane, the physical health new, and the spiritual health in perspective. All this, while finding a balance among the three.

As I look back I truly have to keep all in perspective. I have high expectations for myself, I am super competitive, and I am, to a fault, very impatient {I’m continually working on this}. I am still a rookie in this fitness arena and that needs to be acknowledged. Most athletes that are inspiring to me, have been in this crossfit world for several years. I love to hear their stories and backgrounds, as most started at a “real” level. As I see them now, I have to keep perspective that they have MANY years of experience doing this stuff. I jumped into this arena late "-er".

Perspective. I found some old video clips from when I first started crossfit last January. Here is one of when I was learning the clean and jerk.

clean jerk 1-12 from Misty Smith on Vimeo.

Can this be any more slooooooowwwww motion? Ha! Sweet running shoes too {I’m a shoe girl, and if you lift, you know running shoes aren’t ideal}.

My first workout of crossfit January 2, 2012 included a boatload of pull ups. 

15 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of:

15 pullups

20 box jumps

200m run

Completion. I completed 75 banded pull ups that first day using the heaviest band! We’re talking the thickest mama jamma band that basically skyrockets you in the air. The last couple rounds & reps I was STRUGGGLING to get my chin up and over the bar... with the THICKEST BAND!!! {Let me tell you that I had written off pull ups before this as I never thought I’d be able to do more than a couple & I had every excuse as to why I wouldn’t be able to do them.} My biceps were SOOOOOO sore after, that I couldn’t straighten my one arm for four days!!! Welcome to crossfit and get used to pull ups. Ha!

Rx. To those in crossfit world, you know how "Rx" can be a scary and intimidating symbol. It can also be a sign of accomplishment. I recall seeing the Rx (prescribed) weights and thought it would be a LONG road before I would be doing 95lb cleans more than one time... 


Ah perspective. There has been progress. I can look back and giggle some, but I can also honestly acknowledge where I started and how far I’ve come. We all start somewhere. All from a different perspective. Know that what looks to be a huge feat now, is attainable and you will be able to do it! Maybe not right now, but at some point you can!!

Now here's to looking forward!

{You can read here about my first thoughts when I started this crazy journey.} 

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