A LONG couple years of dealing with injury. I'm thankful to be on the other side of recovery! 

I've recently had several inquiries about my story the last year. As we wrap up 2015 and I reflect back upon the previous year, I felt it was time to share a little more.

The injury. Struggle. Frustration. I had dealt with a back injury, off and on, for about two years. Throughout the struggle and frustration of dealing with that injury, I found some real perspective of who I was and where I wanted to go. In reflection, it's crazy to think I really do not have a lot of memories or recollection of the time that had passed in that two year period. I was in such a pain cave, that I just remember trying to survive the day and get to bed as quickly as possible so that when I wake up, I might possibly be closer to being pain free as time passed. Memories with family and friends that have totally escaped me.


On the other side. Finally, as quality of life had been sub-par, I was able to move forward getting the care and health options available to me. On the other side of recovery, quality of life had returned and I was finally feeling refreshed in being the wife, mom, and person, I felt I was. My mental and spiritual health were getting back in check again. 

Being 'healthy' is multi-faceted. More people need to truly hear and understand this. Health includes a wheel of components including, mental, spiritual, and physical health. If one is off, then the wheel doesn't spin smoothly and we can't function in balance. We should always be trying to keep those wheels in balance.

Honestly evaluate and assess where you are right now. Being a person that takes pride in physical health, I came to a point last year that I truly felt I had more work to do here. I had the pieces in place to be at a full recovery from the injury, but knew I had work to do to get back to where I was confident in my physical health. I gave myself grace and patience knowing that, of course this component of health took a hit with the injury, but I would get back to where I wanted to be.

The spark that set the fire for change. Two events occurred about a year ago. 1. In conversation, a friend had made a comment after asking how old I was, and stating that 'yeah, it would be a major struggle' and I basically 'wouldn't be able to get to the level of shape I wanted since I was creeping in on the 4-0...' Too many physical factors with age that would sabotage success. 2. I noticed in a few different pictures where I was a little softer and fluffier than I ever cared to be. There was no need to carry that extra insulation. Ha!

For a split second I questioned if 'age factors' could be true. I let negative thoughts creep in a bit, and both those events pissed me off! ENOUGH!! Not going to believe that BULLSHIT! Those that know me, know I like a challenge, and don't tell me I can't do something!!

The fire had been ignited and an inferno was being stirred up. I was ready to pursue the journey of refining and honing in on my physical health. It's always been a priority and focus for me, but finding a balanced perspective, so that I could be the best wife, mom, and person possible. You see, the physical body is the instrument for providing good works in life.


It was time to refine the physical so that I could give the most of who I am to others. I just want to be the best version of myself.


A new plan. A better plan. I feel I am a knowledgeable and educated person in health and fitness, but even being educated well in this area, I realized I needed to seek others that know more than me. The coach needs a coach too. Last January I hired a nutrition coach to help guide and navigate my way through the process. An outside perspective to look at what was working and what was not, and provide a plan to move forward. I wasn't looking for quick fixes, I was looking for a plan for the long haul. I wanted, and continue to want, to be the best me.

Trust the process and enjoy the journey! Give yourself time. Find the balance. Find a healthy perspective.

{Part 2 of series coming soon.}

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