Balance & Perspective. This past year, these two themes were my focus. I was fully intentional in making decisions that allowed for both balance & perspective in life. In previous years, I felt I had fallen short in those two areas, and therefore quality of life was affected. In order to be the best me, I needed to be intentional on making those themes a priority.  

Part of that balance and perspective included making my nutrition a priority. I made a commitment to hiring a coach to guide me through a new plan. No excuses! I was committed to seek others that know more & could provide the professional guidance necessary. That is where the recent chapter in the journey began. 

Finding balance. Let's be real. I LOVE food!! I also don't have a problem with knowing food quality or education of what good foods are. I didn't have a food quality issue. I had a food quantity issue where the macronutrient components were not correctly balanced for me. 

If I was to be successful on any nutrition plan, it also had to be flexible. Life is too short to be restrictive on food choices. Ain't nobody got time for dat! It had to be flexibile on treats & allow for a good relationship with food. I also have date night once a week with the hubs, and that had to work in the plan. 

New plan. My nutrition coach helped to figure out what the best food quantity should be, and more importantly, how to piece together those food (macronutrient) components. That was the key! Individual plan designed and applied via individual feedback. 

Zero guilt. I feel I've been able to be successful with this plan and approach because I don't feel guilty on food choices. EVER! And just because it's a flexible eating plan, doesn't mean it's a prescription to eat shit food. It just means I've created a daily habit that allows for less-than-stellar food choices in moderation. I have a good relationship with food and therefore it's easier to adhere to the plan. 

Thankfully I had no health concerns, health issues, or negative relationships with food that needed to be addressed. I was also completely committed to being patient and trusting the process. 


Almost one year later (Read that again. One YEAR! Not 30 days. Not eight weeks to success. One YEAR!), and I have had an amazing experience and journey! Coming back from injury my fitness is better, my performance is better, my joints like me lighter, and I feel great! Added bonus, I'm down 27+ pounds... I just feel better overall at this size and weight. Truly, I want to honor the body and gifts God gave me. It's about being the best version of me. 

Experiment & find what works for you! Find the balance & perspective. Be intentional in your decision making. When you find what works for you, enjoy the process and the journey!

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