Traveling & Stadium Food: Staying Within Macronutrient Plan

On the way home from a seriously fun March Madness trip with the hubs! Five days. No kids. Basketball games all.weekend.LONG! Pretty much our idea of FUN. I have never been to Oklahoma City, and honestly, it never would be on my list as a destination go-to. Ha, ha! It was fun to go somewhere new and explore the downtown area. Bricktown! You are pretty cool. Nice job OKC in building that area to be a vibrant, fun place to visit. I have to admit though, I got sick of seeing 'Thunder' paraphernalia everywhere... #bringbackthosesonics #pnwgirlatheart.

Traveling and living off stadium food can be quite challenging while trying to stay within your macronutrient plan. I mean, truly not ideal for nutrition standards. I had to put my creativity hat on while eating out often. One key to success was making sure I did some planning before I left so that I had snacks with me that would help me reach my goals. 


When you're traveling, usually protein is the hardest goal to reach while also keeping the fat down. Carbohydrates are in abundance so I wasn't worried about that.

Water intake is also usually overlooked for me while traveling. I made sure to have my water bottle packed with me and spent an insane amount on four dollar, over-priced waters at airports and stadiums... (How can they charge those crazy amounts for WATER?!!)

While at restaurants, you just do the best you can to make the best choices to fit your macronutrient plan. For me, that usually means finding entrees that aren't covered in a lot of sauces. Sometimes I have to ask the server for specific requests, but I always try to make it simple and reasonable. It is vacation, and I want to enjoy myself. This is the benefit of flexible eating and a plan that provides that balance and flexibility. Most times, I do really well in staying within my plan for breakfast, lunch, and then dinner I allow more flexibility. I even was able to fit in green beer for St. Patrick's Day. #BOOM


Traveling and vacation can be challenging to stay within your macronutrient plan, but it doesn't need to be a binge break from your plan. With a little planning and creativity, you can definitely make it work. Own your choices and don't feel guilty for those choices. Find the balance and get back on track if you stumble a bit. The key is PLANNING and make your plan work for your lifestyle! 

Hanging with the cowboys! Peace out Oklahoma City.

Hanging with the cowboys! Peace out Oklahoma City.

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