Mental Clarity Creates Readiness for Physical Change

I started working with Misty in December when I had hit a plateau in my weight loss. I had lost weight by limiting calories and using the My Fitness Pal app on my own, but without focusing on macros. Actually, the amount of food I was eating before was basically the same, but the composition of what I was eating was different. I had been trying to base it just on the Zone plan. Misty came up with an individualized plan for me and told me exactly how many carb, protein, and fat grams to eat per day. I liked that I knew exactly how much to be eating and didn’t have to do my own guesswork or generic plan. Within a week of eating according to the macros, my muscles became noticeably defined, especially in my arms and legs. It was a pretty incredible change. I had noticed before when I was limiting calories that I felt like I was losing strength in the gym. Since doing macros, I have been steadily increasing in strength.


It's now April and in the past 4 months working with Misty, I have lost 16 pounds of fat and am so much more toned. Not only did I lose 16 lbs, but it was the final weight I needed to lose, which is the hardest to lose (I’ve lost a total of 49 lbs). I am below my weight when I got married and didn’t think that would be possible for me as I’ve now hit my forties. Along the way, Misty has adjusted my numbers to accommodate changes that happen in my body composition, goals, and hunger level. The amazing thing is that she has added food in and it would spur on MORE weight loss! I feel so much better inside and out. I’m lighter on my feet; I don’t have the body aches I used to have; I can run faster, do more pullups, and lift more weight. I can cross my legs more easily and I’m not splitting my pants anymore! In fact, I’ve had to get a whole new wardrobe (for the good reason, not the bad reason!). What’s an even bigger deal than all the outside changes are the inside ones. My family has commented on what a better mood I’m in, I feel much more emotionally stable, have more energy, and am more productive. My friends have commented that my whole countenance has changed and become much brighter. And that’s how I feel! I’m very thankful to Misty for helping me during the difficult final stretch of this weight loss and for all her encouragement along the way to help me do what I didn’t think I could.


Nutrition Flexibility & Balance After Babies

After having my second daughter in April 2016, I knew I had to do something about my weight. After my first daughter I never quite lost all my "baby" weight before getting pregnant with our second...even though they are 2 years apart. And, to top it off, during each pregnancy I gained about 55-60 pounds even though I was consistently doing CrossFit and eating (somewhat) healthy. Yikes! 


In the past I had tried Paleo, The Zone and had looked into Whole 30, but only made it about a "whole 2" as there were just so many restrictions! I personally thrive on tight boundaries and goals but I need to be able to live my life. We have very social jobs which entails us meeting people for lunch, dinner...and of course coffee! Because of my need to go out with people I found the other "diets" too restrictive for my lifestyle...plus I have a 3 year old and sometimes Chick-Fil-A is what's for dinner! :) 

I've been on a macro nutrition plan since June 2016 and love it. This is by far the longest time I've ever followed a plan and I have seen some incredible results. My progress has been slow and steady...sometimes slower than I want, but I have stayed the course, trusted the process and have been truly amazed. In June, I weighed in at 164 pounds and now in March I weigh at 133. 

After the weight loss, the best parts for me are my increase in energy levels (I used to want to/need to take a nap almost every afternoon), my increased strength (I feel stronger and faster in the gym than I did before my first pregnancy), and I no longer stress or worry about what to eat or what to do if I had a "bad" day of eating. 

I know that I can take a day off for a celebration or a vacation and pick right back up where I left off. In the past, I would "punish" myself for having a meal or day where I know I ate poorly, but now I get right back on track, hitting my numbers the next day. I love that I can have a weekly date night with my husband and fit in some dessert if I want to and if I plan for it. I love that I can eat the same things as my daughters because I don't have to eat anything special and I am setting healthy examples for them on a balanced diet and portion control.

Photo Credit: Rx Pics

Photo Credit: Rx Pics


An encouragement: stay the course and you will see results! It took me almost 3 weeks to lose my first pound as my body adjusted to my new eating habits. Plan ahead! If you go into each day blind and just eat freely this will be more difficult. I go into each day with a plan, usually starting with my dinner, so I know what I can eat each day whether I'm working from home or at a day long workshop. 

Trust the process-if losing weight and being fit was easy most of the population would be at a healthy weight, right?! It takes time and it takes change...trust the process and be willing to make change. 


Feel Good! Patience. Worth the Work!

Raw, real, and relatable story shared by a client. She has had a major transformation over the past year. We have worked together for about 14 months, and her overall health has been so impacted, she is now off paying it forward by helping others with their nutrition. Love these stories!

As a self proclaimed "I'd rather not eat, then exercise" kind of girl for 35 years, my world has gone through a major turnaround. 

I got married straight out of high school (20 years old) and had my first of three kids at age 21.  Being a young mother of three and my husband being self employed, I was always running in 10 directions. I had no fitness history. If we were allowed 12 minutes to do the mile in high school PE, I came in at 11:59. I was never over weight and felt like I looked good in clothes😉.  

My story--1.jpeg

Getting ready to turn 35, I knew I had to get in some sort of shape. Lots of people in my life had taken up running and loved it, so I thought I would give it a try. I hated it. Every minute of it. I had some friends that were involved in CrossFit and my sister convinced me to give it a try. I did and I found my fitness! I started 3 years ago and have never looked back. It was about 2 years in when Misty started talking to us about macro nutrition. I had been working out for 2 years and hadn't lost a pound. I had built tons of new muscles, but no weight loss. Like I said, I was never over weight, so weight loss was not the reason for me starting CrossFit. After talking to Misty about my goals of losing the the layer of fat covering my new found muscles, we got started. The first few weeks were hard as there was little weight loss, but I kept working hard and "trusted the process". Misty rebooted my metabolism and the weight started coming off. Don't get me wrong, this is not a 30 day fix, it's a life long nutrition plan. The progress is slow, steady, and real. Not only did I lose weight, I had more energy, built strength, and just felt awesome! I was able to still enjoy my favorite daily coffee and dinner with my family. It takes a little planning, but totally doable. I now have the tools to know how to go on vacation and get through holidays without throwing all my progress out the window.

My story-.png

In conclusion, YOU have to be ready for change. This awesome feeling I have, I wish for everyone.  I don't necessarily mean my weight loss, but all the other positives that come with great nutrition that includes feeling good from the inside out. Seriously! At this point the weight loss is just a bonus. You think you feel good, but you don't know how good you can really feel. Thank you Misty for all your support on this journey. #BOOM


The Battle of Under Eating

The Battle of Under Eating

The KEY to long term, maintainable fat loss and improved body composition, is keeping a healthy metabolic rate. This means that many of us need to eat MORE. I know this is counterintuitive for what we see or hear in society right now.

In order maintain weight loss or the body composition you are working towards, you need to make sure there are small adaptations and changes to your nutritional intake that allow for change to occur while keeping that metabolism as high as possible. There's no quick fix, no 30-day challenge, no pill. Patience, hard work, and a willingness to trust the process!! Don't fight your body. Love it for what it can do!

Traveling & Stadium Food: Staying Within Macronutrient Plan

Traveling & Stadium Food: Staying Within Macronutrient Plan

Traveling and vacation can be challenging to stay within your macronutrient plan, but it doesn't need to be a binge break from your plan. With a little planning and creativity, you can definitely make it work. Own your choices and don't feel guilty for those choices. Find the balance and get back on track if you stumble a bit. The key is PLANNING and make your plan work for your lifestyle! 

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