Hop, Step, JUMP!

One of my favorite and inexpensive tools for workouts is a jump rope!  It is portable and will always keep your heart rate up.  I love to throw in jump rope for 1 minute increments in between my sets especially when weight training.  I want the heart rate elevated as long as possible so I can be burning the most calories possible in my limited time.

Now some of you may be coordination challenged and jump rope may not be footloose and fancy free for you.  You can replicate jumping rope without the actual rope by twirling those hands and "pretend" to jump over the rope for one minute.

Below I added some great inspiration for you to view.  This stuff is amazing!  I really think I secretly wanted to be these kids back in the day.

The number one excuse I hear for not working out is TIME.  Notice I said excuse, as we all have the same amount of time.  It is about priorities folks, but if this is a hindrance, then let's make workouts as effective as possible in the least amount of time.  If you do not have time in the schedule for both weight training and a good amount of cardio in the allotted time frame, then a jump rope will be a simple and effective solution.  Add it to your routine and let me know how it works for you.

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Why Strength Train?

Yeah, we know strength training builds muscle, but really, why is that important?  Here are 10 reasons why you should be incorporating strength training into those daily workouts, and no, I'm not talking about those measly, little, pink 2lb weights sitting in a basket next to the weight rack...  Yes, you know who you are.  I am talking about really lifting some weight.  Gals, some of you avoid the dumbbells like the plague out of fear that you will bulk up into one of those "manly, body building" types.  Well, first of all, you physiologically cannot look like Popeye unless you are using and consuming some very unsafe substances.  Females do not have the hormones to produce muscle mass in that fashion naturally.  Secondly, those "body building" girls that are in natural shows and truly train naturally look amazing!  See previous post of Angie Gooding below who competes in the sport.  I do not think any of you could argue that her body is amazing and it took lots of hard work, discipline, and some serious weight training to get it that way.  Read on for 10 reasons I believe every person should hit the weight room.

1.  Increase Strength-  Duh, we knew that, right?  Think about every day functional activities though.  For example, carrying your kids, lifting those Costco boxes out of your trunk, getting those boxes stacked in your garage- they all become much easier if we regularly strength train.  This gets even more important as we get older.  Bending down to tie your shoes can become difficult.  Where's Jack LaLanne when I need him?

2.  Healthy Bones- Research shows that weight training can improve your bone mineral density by as much as 13 percent in just six months.  This really becomes critical as women age to help minimize their risk of developing osteoporosis.  "Help, I've fallen and can't get up" really is a true statement if we do not consider keeping those bones strong.  It will not become funny anymore when we really cannot get up.

3.  Strengthens The Heart- Weight training can keep your heart healthy by increasing your HDL ("good") cholesterol levels and lowering both LDL ("bad") cholesterol and blood pressure.  Too many people are on medications for cholesterol and blood pressure when we really can control these health issues by making better health decisions.

4.  Lose Fat-  Each pound of muscle you gain can burn up to 50 extra calories a day.  Muscle burns more calories than fat at rest therefore increasing your resting metabolic rate.  We all could appreciate losing a little fat at rest, right?  A little extra effort and focus on your fitness plan with weight training = your body doing its job at rest.  Sounds good to me!

5. Improve Performance- We all have an inner athlete in us.  Yes, you may have to pry a little deeper to find that calling, but you do.  Hitting the weights on a regular basis can improve your overall performance in sport and decrease your risk of injury.  Extra strength can power up your drive on the golf course and reduce the risk of injuries on the ski slopes.  I really wish I would have done more serious weight training at a younger age as well.  Maybe I would have saved these decrepit knee joints a little?

6. Keeping That Body Healthy- You know strength training builds stronger muscles, but did you know it also increases joint stability by strengthening ligaments and tendons?  A stronger joint helps prevent injury and eases the pain of osteoarthritis.  I always hear people using their joints as an excuse NOT to do strength training, and although there are certain exercises you need to avoid, it is imperative that you do strength train to help alleviate the stress and pain of those previous injuries.  Take it from me!  I have had four knee surgeries and still play HARD!

7. Ward Off Type 2 Diabetes- Research has shown that regular weight training can improve glucose utilization (the way the body processes sugar) in the body by 23 percent in just four months.  This may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

8.  Age Is Irrelevant-  It does not matter how old your are; strength improvements are possible at any age, even 80+ years old!  Tosca Reno is a fabulous role model for healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle (see my favorites link for some of her resources) and she got a late start, not starting this lifestyle until after 40.  She is a force to be reckoned with.

9.  Improves Sleeping Patterns-  You are less likely to suffer from insomnia if you regularly strength train.  Go get yourself dog tired from some good workouts (within reason...do not go break down the body too much) and you will notice that you sleep much better.  My family cannot seem to wake me after a few good days of tiresome workouts.  That is good in my case as my husband will have to tend to the morning routine with the kiddos... Yipeee!

10.  Improves Self-Image-  People who strength train can boost their self confidence and body image while reducing the risk of depression.  If we look good, feel strong, and feel good, then we enhance the other various components of health.  My motto:  Healthy bodies lead to healthy minds!

Now go hit the weight room!  Utilize a professional to help introduce proper form and safety if you are new to weight training.  Sometimes it is well worth the money to hire a personal trainer for a session or two just so they can help show you how to properly use equipment and properly execute exercises.  You can also make an appointment at your local YMCA to help introduce you to that scary weight room place.  There are plenty of resources out there, so go take your health by the reigns and make it happen.

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Top Ten Gym Faux Pas- A Lesson In Gym Etiquette

Wow!  My Dynamic Edge friends, fans, and gym divas all had their say in what their pet peeves were at the gym.  You all made me laugh hysterically at the gems you listed and I have to admit, they were all so true.  If you are new to the gym environment, then please take note.  If you are a veteran to the gym, please take note as well.  You may have forgotten some common courtesies here.


Top 10 Gym Faux Pas:
*note names have been changed to protect the unknowing... or maybe not?!

1.  Messy Missy- Missy never puts her weights away when she is done and leaves dumbbells and plates all around.  If she took a minute to do a little housekeeping, it would make everyone's workout easier and less time spent at gym cleaning up after other's messes.

2.  Gabbie Gabber- She never misses an overly loud phone conversation while on the treadmill, elliptical, or while lifting weights.  Phones belong in your car, lockers, or outdoors, not right next to your fellow gym neighbor.  Plus, you really cannot be getting a good, sweaty workout if you can coordinate a phone conversation or texting while lifting, spinning, running, or any other activity at gym.

3.  Nearly Naked Nettie- Nettie does not realize gyms are places to work out, not get asked out.  Save the super skimpy, hootchie wear for the night club, not the health club.  P.S. your mascara is running...

4.  Sweaty, stinky, Steve- After a crazy set of bench press, Steve leaves a perfect sweaty impression of his back on the bench, and then walks away.  Nothing a nice gym wipe, sanitizer, or towel couldn't solve.

5.  Cursing Curt- His trucker talk and ridiculous grunting inspires others to scrub their tonsils and larynx with a brillo pad.  Keep it clean and lose the obnoxious sounds as others might find them offensive.

6.  Helga the Hogger- Helga guards the Smith machine like a momma bear protecting her cub.  Helga needs a lesson in sharing or working in.  Let others trade sets while you rest or go do another exercise.  This is especially nice when the gym is super busy.

7.  Perfume-a-lot Peggy- Peggy could melt away your nose hair with her dosage of Clinique Happy.  Go light or sans perfume/body sprays while at the gym so we may all keep our nostrils clean and happy.

8.  Oblivious Olympia- Olympia is in her own little bubble world.  She walks in front of people watching their form in the mirror (some of you need to note this as you may not know how annoying it is***).  Yes, there are other people besides you here.  Please be aware that we are using the gym space too and be polite to respect our space as well.

9.  Stinky Sam-  Sam clears the room after spin class.  You think it may be you; do a quick armpit check, cannot tell, then you quickly leave the room after that last sweaty hill climb.  It may be you and you are getting out of dodge.  You then realize it was Stinky Sam behind you.  Yes, antiperspirant/deodorant was made for you too, Sam!

10.  Way-to-much Wayne-  Wayne always grabs the dumbbells that look like small buildings to do his bicep curls or loads up the bar for bench press with so many plates it looks like it could snap in half.  His reps then look like he is set at chipmunk speed or someone froze him partially down because he cannot get a full range of motion.  Oops, Wayne also just threw his back out.  Hmmm, maybe you need to go down in weight Wayne so you can do the exercise correctly through full range of motion and therefore limit the chances of hurting yourself?

Enough said!

Best in health-

Summer Season


New Video- Summer and swimsuit season are just around the corner. Now is the time to fine tune or gear up those workouts so you can look good this upcoming season. Here are a couple tools that are inexpensive, portable, and highly effective for those workouts. Some great inspiration for training programs are included and will hopefully motivate you to get busy... Check out the favorites tab for a great resource to plan workouts with resistance bands.

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