Top Ten Gym Faux Pas- A Lesson In Gym Etiquette

Wow!  My Dynamic Edge friends, fans, and gym divas all had their say in what their pet peeves were at the gym.  You all made me laugh hysterically at the gems you listed and I have to admit, they were all so true.  If you are new to the gym environment, then please take note.  If you are a veteran to the gym, please take note as well.  You may have forgotten some common courtesies here.


Top 10 Gym Faux Pas:
*note names have been changed to protect the unknowing... or maybe not?!

1.  Messy Missy- Missy never puts her weights away when she is done and leaves dumbbells and plates all around.  If she took a minute to do a little housekeeping, it would make everyone's workout easier and less time spent at gym cleaning up after other's messes.

2.  Gabbie Gabber- She never misses an overly loud phone conversation while on the treadmill, elliptical, or while lifting weights.  Phones belong in your car, lockers, or outdoors, not right next to your fellow gym neighbor.  Plus, you really cannot be getting a good, sweaty workout if you can coordinate a phone conversation or texting while lifting, spinning, running, or any other activity at gym.

3.  Nearly Naked Nettie- Nettie does not realize gyms are places to work out, not get asked out.  Save the super skimpy, hootchie wear for the night club, not the health club.  P.S. your mascara is running...

4.  Sweaty, stinky, Steve- After a crazy set of bench press, Steve leaves a perfect sweaty impression of his back on the bench, and then walks away.  Nothing a nice gym wipe, sanitizer, or towel couldn't solve.

5.  Cursing Curt- His trucker talk and ridiculous grunting inspires others to scrub their tonsils and larynx with a brillo pad.  Keep it clean and lose the obnoxious sounds as others might find them offensive.

6.  Helga the Hogger- Helga guards the Smith machine like a momma bear protecting her cub.  Helga needs a lesson in sharing or working in.  Let others trade sets while you rest or go do another exercise.  This is especially nice when the gym is super busy.

7.  Perfume-a-lot Peggy- Peggy could melt away your nose hair with her dosage of Clinique Happy.  Go light or sans perfume/body sprays while at the gym so we may all keep our nostrils clean and happy.

8.  Oblivious Olympia- Olympia is in her own little bubble world.  She walks in front of people watching their form in the mirror (some of you need to note this as you may not know how annoying it is***).  Yes, there are other people besides you here.  Please be aware that we are using the gym space too and be polite to respect our space as well.

9.  Stinky Sam-  Sam clears the room after spin class.  You think it may be you; do a quick armpit check, cannot tell, then you quickly leave the room after that last sweaty hill climb.  It may be you and you are getting out of dodge.  You then realize it was Stinky Sam behind you.  Yes, antiperspirant/deodorant was made for you too, Sam!

10.  Way-to-much Wayne-  Wayne always grabs the dumbbells that look like small buildings to do his bicep curls or loads up the bar for bench press with so many plates it looks like it could snap in half.  His reps then look like he is set at chipmunk speed or someone froze him partially down because he cannot get a full range of motion.  Oops, Wayne also just threw his back out.  Hmmm, maybe you need to go down in weight Wayne so you can do the exercise correctly through full range of motion and therefore limit the chances of hurting yourself?

Enough said!

Best in health-

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