All Out!

Yes, this is the aftermath of an ALL OUT workout. {Thanks PB}Why do you show up and not give your all? Seriously, why does one waste time coming to class or the gym if it's a mediocre effort at best? Ya, you are allowed an off day. It happens. {you can read about my thoughts on that sucky off day here} But really though? I don't understand showing up with a self limiting attitude and effort. What is REALLY holding you back?

Beast mode doesn't always have to be on, but why wouldn't you try? If you are making the commitment to show up for an hour or whatever your schedule allows, you are only defeating yourself, and the body God gave you, if you don't leave your best effort out there. What's the point if you're not going to give the effort? Half-assed shouldn't fly.

What's holding you back from allowing yourself to tap into that unlimited potential? Quit comparing yourself to the bubbly, fit girl on the treadmill, or the meathead that looks juiced in the weight room. Just find your zone and allow yourself to be great, in all areas of health and fitness. YOUR best self! Whatever that means to YOU! Guaranteed you have more effort to give than you think; are stronger than you think; have more endurance than you think, and can elevate your intensity more than you think. 

You may need an extra nudge or push to find that untapped potential. For me, it varies. Sometimes it's my fellow fitness sidekick, my coach, my previous effort, or maybe the clock. When given the opportunity, you probably will consider or even stop to get that drink of water or put that bar down. It's easy. Why not? Ask yourself, WHY? Your water can find an appropriate rest point. Pick the damn bar back up and get it done.

Do what you say you are going to do and find passion in doing it. If the workout calls for a certain amount of reps or rounds, commit to it and do it. Maybe that's not the same as the person next to you, but commit to what you are going to do. Don't be a damn cheater! Do you do that in life when things get too tough? A little strain and you take a shortcut or you throw in the towel? You are being shadow counted, so do what you say you are going to do.

Physcial fitness is only a platform to mold, shape, and refine you as a person and how you perform in life. This isn't about being the best physical specimen in fitness that's out there. Here me clearly on that point. This is about training your mind and who you are, to be great. This is about the serious effort you make to grow as a person so that you can do great work in daily life. That's what is important.

Don't waste your time if you're not willing to put in the effort. Your free hall pass/easy route is only valid for so long-- hopefully it's a short stint. Leave it all out there. What have you got to lose?

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