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The Battle of The CrossFit Open

Nine months ago I couldn't get in and out of the car comfortably or put my socks on, let alone pick up a barbell. I don't know why I was choosing to have a mental battle with myself.

CrossFit is just the vehicle that's helping me attack the battle. The previous two years when Open season rolled around, I was attempting to do the workouts with separate episodes of a herniated disc. Yeah, not the smartest choices in attempting to push yourself a little more when you're dealing with that kind of injury. Both years, I could only complete one or two workouts. Of course I was frustrated with the injury since the previous progress in training was at a peak, and then BOOM!, you can't prove it. Injury sideline!

This competitive spirit has had some real rolling hills with fitness, training, and injuries the last couple years. After finally addressing the situation, completing surgery, and now on a healthy recovery track, we come upon The Open season again. The competitive fire burns a little more, and the community gets a little more amped up to participate in this five week season. This five week frenzy is a way to see where your fitness is, what you need to work on, and work together with your fellow community members in a battle at the gym where you can celebrate each other!

This season has just begun and I am excited about being able to complete a season injury free, while making smart choices. I fully expected with the post recovery process that I would be able to complete all workouts as prescribed. A reality check occurred! Although recovery has been great, I am still adding loads and movements slowly to what I was able to do pre-injury. I am trying to make the smart choice, and not attempt movements & loads that probably are less than ideal for a healthy back right now.

Scaled. With an additional option this year to do The Open workouts scaled (meaning modified and/or less load), it has provided a safe alternative to choose for where I am right now. Do I like doing the 'scaled' option? NO! But that's ok. It is still a great workout, a lot of reps, and a safe weight load for RIGHT NOW. I know where I've been before, and I will get back there.

At this point in the journey, I am ok with what 'right now' entails. Today I am getting the strength back, and working up to loads that feel safe and within reason for right now. The end goal = fitness for life.

It's always a race to me. The race is just taking a little longer now, and I'm ok with that.


Perspective That Matters

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"You know what scares me?" This was the closing question that Chris Spealler asked us at the end of our Level 1 training course. "The Games scare me." Say what?!! This is coming from a Games athlete and one who has competed in all of The Crossfit Games, not a small feat.

Anniversary celebration. I recently had the opportunity to attend the Level 1 training course for Crossfit. I joined the crossfit crazy peeps one year ago and thought it would be fitting to celebrate the anniversary with some extended learning in crossfit world. I drank the kool aid folks, and haven't looked back!


The Crossfit Games are quickly rising in popularity, exposure, and notoriety. Just a few short years ago, most in the fitness world may or may not have heard of crossfit.  If they did, many wrote it off as a fad or fitness approach that was more suited to law enforcement or military. Not for your every day folk! Yep, I was thinking the same thing. Click here to read more on that.

Crazy peeps. With ESPN2 coverage of crossfit and The Games, more and more people are catching on to this fitness phenomenon. Crossfit even recently made an appearance on The Biggest Loser, as Bob Harper is now a crossfit athlete as well. The exposure is great, but it can also have its faults. Chris Spealler has recognized and pointed this out. For most people, they see the Crossfit Games on TV and they think that's what crossfit is all about. Amazing athletes that are extremely fit, moving huge loads, and participating in crazy fitness events.

Amazing, but more. Yes, these athletes are AMAZING to watch and AMAZINGLY fit! They are also elite athletes! Hear me, ELITE. This is not what the encompassing crossfit community is all about, and this is not the norm in crossfit. Most boxes are filled with everyday people, just trying to make better health and fitness decisions. They want to get better every day and train for life!

This is the perspective that matters and Chris pointed it out very clearly. We are all here for various reasons, but in the big scheme of life, we just want to be better people and live healthier lifestyles. This is what crossfit community is about and what it represents. Crossfit community pushes you to better yourself, and has amazing people around to cheer you on and support you along your journey.

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 In the end, we just want to suck less at life!  What steps are you taking to achieve that?

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