Favorite Fitness Finds

Back with some fun health and fitness finds!  Being the gadget nerd that I am, the first one is just super cool!  I need to be the next person that comes up with these cool things.  The second, has been an added bonus in my house for awhile.  I love smoothies and mixing anything and everything.  I also love some peanut butter so this just makes me enjoy some more.  Watch here to see why I think these two are favorite finds of mine.

1. Lucy Tech running gloves- Super cool so you can use your touch screen devices without taking off your gloves.  Love these!!!

2. PB2- powdered peanut butter.  85% less calories so you can enjoy without the added guilt.  The peanuts have been pressed so they remove a lot of the oils and therefore fat.  Still get the yummy peanut flavor!  Add to your smoothies or come up with a fabulous recipe of your own.

What are your favorite health and fitness finds??  Please share.

Best in health-

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