Fighting February Playlist

Playlist time!  I know February is supposed to be about LOVE and all that stuff, but whatever!  Sometimes I'm more of a fighter than a lover ha, ha!  You see I have BIG, hairy, audacious, goals this year and I'm not going to get far unless I'm a fighter and press on to succeed with those goals.  I need some serious good tunes to keep plugging away and dominate at the gym.  Are you still fighting to stick with those 2011 New Year resoloutions?  Last month there were some good ones that kept the workouts flowing and put a little more pep in my step.  This month is no different.  Thanks to all that shared their goodies!  If you missed last months, check it out HERE.  Now on to February's finest.  Here is the current list.


1. Little Bit - Lykke Li
Ahhh the Twilight flavor.  A good song to warm up and get grooving to or for that serious climb or monster hill. 

2. Rolling In the Deep - Adele or Rolling In the Deep (Jamie XX Shuffle) - Adele
Adele has such a lovely voice full of soul. Great to warm up to or an easy climb.  The second version is a remix that adds some fun drum beats if you need a different style for another workout.

3. Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap
Just a beautiful song!!! Loving this right now.  You can really get in a zone whether that's a long run, spin class, or lifting.

4. I Like It (feat. Pitbull) - Enrique Iglesias
I'm enjoying the latin pop flavor.  Shake your booty to this and pick up the pace in your workout.

5. What the Hell - Avril Lavigne
Not lyrically a genius song, but I can't stop singing along.  I know, pathetic!  Definitely a fit for those early 20 somethings.  Oh well, forever young, right?!

6. Raining (Extended) [feat. Sunsun] - Kaskade & Adam K
Unfortunately didn't have this in their library. Another "lose" yourself song.  I dominated some sprints in cycling class to this song.  Gets me spinning fast!

7. One (Your Name) - Swedish House Mafia feat. Pharrell
Club flavor here, but I could do some serious kickboxing damage to this song.

8. Alors on danse (Remix) [feat. Kanye West & Gilbere Forte] - Stromae
Dance away to this in your local Zumba class, or hey bootcamp-- Get some damage done!

9. Miami 2 Ibiza (Radio Edit) [Swedish House Mafia vs. Tinie Tempah] - Swedish House Mafia & Tinie Tempah
I could spin for hours to this or get lost on the elliptical.

10. Barbara Streisand - Duck Sauce
Now this song will either annoy you or you will laugh along to the beat.  Every time I hear it, I seem to be lifitng and I'm laughing to myself.  Who makes a Barbara Streisand song?  That would be a group with the name Duck Sauce.

11. Grenade - Bruno Mars
A little overplayed as of recently, but I keep plugging away in any workout when I hear it.

12. The Cave - Mumford & Sons
A fiddle to put a pep in your step.  Mumford doing their thing!

13. God - Tori Amos 
Not a new one but came across in my music library.  A classic that I thought needed to be recirculated.  Passion in the song here and a good one to end the workout with.

Happy listening!

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