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You suck! One of those days...

We all suck... on some days! I try my best to keep motivated and focused for workouts.  I love to inspire others and find the fire in myself to attack whatever the workout of the day is. After all, that time at the gym, is MY time! My hour to focus on taking care of my body and pushing itself to higher limits and beyond comfortable. The focus is on mind, body, and spirit! Yet, there are still days when I just suck! Yep, today was one of them.

I'm not going to give an excuse or rationale for my suckiness, it just was what it was. Remember, I breathe the mantra of 'No Excuses.' Today was a sucky workout, with lackluster effort from ME! Nothing more than sheer suckiness effort and performance. {yes suckiness is a real word}

I can either dwell on the crap, lackluster, workout effort that I gave, or I can move on and wipe the slate clean.  Own up to it, admit it, and move on.  Yep, you!!!  What ev! Lame-O today doesn't equal lame-o always.  

That's the way it is in life as well. You will have sucky days. Blow it off and move on.  There are better days awaiting you out there.

One of my favorite blogs over at CrossFit Lisbeth, had a great quote that was so fitting for today. 

So move on. You make the choice to change the situation, and you can choose whenever you want the new beginning to occur.  Like... NOW!



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