The Rest In The Music

The Rest In The Music

As I glance forward, I commit to living life by being intentional and training with purpose. I choose to be thankful for the forced rest time, even if it wasn’t part of my plan. Sometimes the man upstairs has a way of knocking the legs out from under you to refocus your direction and get new lenses to see a different perspective. I relinquish the selfish part of me to enjoy the rest in this song that was given to me.

Fall Tunes to Inspire

Fall is upon us! Although in the new office location, it's still pretty nice and warm weather here. You can tell a change is on its way though.  Fall for me, means the holiday season is right around the corner.  It is time to clean up the diet, buckle down and get serious with those workouts so that I can enjoy all the lovely holiday food in reason, and not pack on the hibernation insulation.  Translation: icksnay the holiday extra lbs!

If you need some new inspiration for those workouts, Dynamic Edge put together the latest playlist to keep you motivated and sweating away.  I know I needed some new tunes!

Happy sweating!

Summer Workout Playlist

Summer is officially here, although some of you may have not officially received the nice weather...  It is sunny and wonderful here (sorry to rub it in) and I am ready for my outdoor workouts!  Do you need some new upbeat & shiny tunes to match the sunny weather?  Look no further – here are some tracks infused with virtual Vitamin D for your ears so you can crank out some more reps, increase that intensity, or just plain start those workouts you have been talking about.

Animal (Peter Bjorn & John Remix)- Miike Snow
Unique little dittie that has a great beat and track that always motivates me in any workout- spin, weights, bootcamps.  This is my first introduction to Miike Snow and I like it!

Clap Your Hands (Fred Falke Mix)- Sia
The original is good but I like this mix to pick it up a little so I can get in the groove for a workout.  Great for a moderate climb in cycling, or cruising a flat for a run.  Plus, if someone is going to "Clap Your Hands" I am always getting my boogie on.

If I Were a Boy (Karmatronic Remix)- Beyonce
We have heard the original and it was so, so to me, but heard this version and I got a little shoulder shimmy listening to it.  I am slightly competitive (ok, an understatement) and it motivates me to dominate the d-bag that is the stereotypical gym guy that comes to class to show everyone up.  Yeah, you know who I am talking about.  It is so not worth my time to figure those type out.  I will just beat them in the class and get my laugh for the day.

Alejandro (Dave Aude Remix)- Lady Gaga
I always think I get sick of Lady Gaga's songs because they really are overplayed, but Dave Aude can always make something a little better.  I cannot seem to get away from Lady Gaga as her songs always have a great beat and I end up listening to them more and more.  Great upbeat version to keep you kickin' away no matter what workout.

Commander (Extended Dance Mix David Guetta)- Kelly Rowland
David Guetta is just GOOD!  He really took this track to the next level.  A little funky, underground, dance version.  I really enjoy this while weight training or doing intervals on the spin bikes.

Break Your Heart (Wideboys Club)- Taio Cruz & Ludacris
I have to admit, Ludacris is what sold me on this song.  I love his unique voice that compliments Taio Cruz.  Another dance version to pick up the beat some to make perfect for workouts.

OMG (Almighty Mix) feat. Usher
If you can track down this mix (on UK itunes...) it is the better one.

WooHoo (feat. Nicki Minaj)- Christina Aguilera
A very different sound for Christina but she shows she can cross over in a few genres yet still keep the signature Christina style with her classic talented stengths.  Great beat!

How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep- Bombay Bicycle Club
Alright Twilight fans.  I have enjoyed all the soundtracks as they have some great, unique indie & alternative tracks.  This one does not disappoint either.  A slower track for workouts.  Good for climbs, as it picks up speed as the song goes on.  Also a favorite for strength training or some slower paced, calming activities.

The Choice Is Yours- Black Sheep
What can I say?  I love some classic 80's-90's hip/hop to throw back to.  Always brings back some great memories and I am motivated to crank out some extra reps just for nostalgia purposes. "If my train goes off the track, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up..."

Scenario- Tribe Called Quest
"Here we go yo, here we go yo, so what's, so what's, so what's the scenario?"  I think I just enjoy more that Yo was a cool word then.  Maybe we need to start a trend and bring the Yo back?  That is the cool thing to do now, right?  Plus, I love hearing some old school Busta Rhymes bringing it.

It Takes Two- Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock
Classic.  Need I say more?


What are your playlist suggestions?  Send them my way.

Happy Listening!

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