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Bootcamp Playground Workout

It has been a while since I have been back with a video blog post so I thought we would post some summer fun time in the park.  I have to admit, I have been enjoying the summer break with the family and getting some much needed vacation time in.  Where are you vacationing this summer, and are you at your health and fitness goals currently?  Bootcamp workouts are HOT right now and they get real results!  Dynamic Edge is all about bootcamp style.  High intensity, circuit style, workouts that include a combination of strength exercises, cardio, and anaerobic work, tax the heart and the muscles.  No gym required and usually requires no or minimal equipment.  Why not hit the park this summer and take the kids so it is family fun?  They play and you play by kicking your booty!  Get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine with the whole family.

Special thanks to Tristen Hohn for helping demonstrate for Dynamic Edge.  Tristen is a mother of four and committed to a healthy lifestyle for the whole family.  She is a prime example that we can all dare to push our bodies to the limits, even after children, and get real results.  Thanks Tristen!

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