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Spring Workouts- The Latest Playlist

It is definitely spring with crazy weather in the Pacific Northwest.  You can get sun, rain, hail, snow, & then repeat all in one day!  Spring workouts get creative around here, especially anything outdoors.  Come prepared for ANY weather condition.  With that, we needed some new tunes to motivate this spring. 

Itunes offered an amazing FREE sampler from the SXSW festival that included various genres of up and coming artists.  If you get a chance, you'll want to check out and download yourself for some great new stuff.  We also had to bring back some older hip hop to spice it up.

Here is our latest list to launch you into bikini-ready prep mode... Summer is coming!  Enjoy!

Happy listening!  



Spring break travel tips

Hey everyone!   It's spring break time and many of you will be travelling. Here's a little dance inspiration for your break so you can continue your clean eating habits...  We all know air travel does not provide a lot of healthy choices so here are some helpful airline travel tips for clean eating.  Remember, I got your back!  Safe travels and enjoy your break.

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