The Gift of Fitness

Wow it's here! The real start of the holiday shopping season. Are you looking for some healthy holiday gifts? Do you know a fitness enthusiast, an aspiring-to-get-active someone, or a special person who may have gotten off track but needs some great motivating tools? I've pulled out some great ones for the actively inspired. Here's to many healthy years ahead. Here's a video to show you some fun fitness finds!

1.NFL Training Camp for Wii Active- For the guy or gal that loves football and wants a fun way to stay motivated.

2.ipod Arm Strap- So we all love our tunes right??? A great accessory for the gym or on those runs. I somehow have many Apple products. Can you tell I'm a kind of a tech nerd? Love those gadgets.

3. Heart Rate Monitor- Great motivating piece of equipment to help with those workouts. I love training with one especially for interval workouts. Using my heart rate monitor I can plan and gauge my workouts accordingly. Pick a model that best fits your needs.

4. TRX Suspension Trainer- Now this is one piece of equipment you may have heard me talk about before, but I cannot emphasize how cool this one thing really is. No need for a full rack of free weights and other equipment. Nothing but bodyweight here and it is so versatile. Your gym in a bag! Best part right now is they are having holiday sales. The sooner you purchase, the better the discount.  Click here for your special link and make sure you post TRXMAS at checkout. Great gift!

TRX Suspension Training: Deck the home gym

5. Lululemon Running Sleeves- So cool! All the details to help you along that run. Check out or check your local store.

Happy shopping! Let me know if you need specifics on where to find all these great fitness gifts.

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Get Beach Body Ready with TRX

Fitness Anywhere Video

Hey everyone! Summer is officially here and many of you are working on getting beach body ready still... The TRX is one of my favorite tools for anyone at any skill level. No racks and racks of dumbbells or loads of equipment around. Your body is your machine! This is the same equipment you have seen the Biggest Loser contestants use and can be used anywhere: park, playground, garage, backyard etc. The great thing is you and your spouse, or maybe a friend at different fitness or activity levels, can all use at the same time with quick modifications. You do not need several sets of dumbbells or need to fuss over time to change weight plates or even have a fully stocked home gym. All can use quickly and efficiently. See video above for a quick introduction.

So what exactly is TRX? Suspension Training® is a revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise. Easily set up the portable TRX® Suspension Trainer™ and you’re in control. Safely perform hundreds of exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and prevent injuries, all at the intensity you choose.

Great promotion just in time for those summer workouts! FREE Shipping with orders $75 or over with the code TRX4JULY at checkout (FREE shipping expires July 5th at 11:59PM). Also FREE gift with purchase, includes personal consultation on how to set up and get started plus FREE Pick It Kick It book to help you on your nutrition success.

If you are serious about that beach body and don't have the time or money for a fully stocked home gym or expensive gym membership, this is definitely something you want to check out!

What others are saying about TRX:

"When they told me it was invented by a Navy SEAL, I knew it would be cool— It's just your body weight working against gravity, so you won't get injured. Now my wife uses one at home, and I'm addicted." -Drew Brees NFL Quarterback New Orleans Saints

"It really works and kicked my booty! Absolutely love that you can take it anywhere, like to the park while your kids play or packs easily in a suitcase to take on vacation! Its the NO EXCUSES workout tool! LOVE IT!" -Misty Bouffard Client, Dynamic Edge

"I use TRX. It's one of the best pieces of equipment I have ever used. It will work muscles you didn't even know you had. Any exercise you do on TRX is core related so your body hurts the entire time." -Brandon Vera UFC Fighter

"Core strength and stability have no off-season and its the key to maximizing your efficiency and power in your endurance sport. The TRX system provides an effective, convenient, and endlessly functional tool to help you improve your strength, stability and flexibilty anytime, anywhere." -Jessi Stensland Professional Triathlete

"Thanks to the TRX, I got some really great workouts with my contestants this season. Watching them be challenged by working on something that requires such core strength, as well as shear FULL body strength, I knew I had a great piece of equipment on my hands. I really LOVE this piece of equipment!!!" -Bob Harper Trainer The Biggest Loser

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Spring break travel tips

Hey everyone!   It's spring break time and many of you will be travelling. Here's a little dance inspiration for your break so you can continue your clean eating habits...  We all know air travel does not provide a lot of healthy choices so here are some helpful airline travel tips for clean eating.  Remember, I got your back!  Safe travels and enjoy your break.

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