New Year, New You! Join Us!

Finishing up that shopping for the holidays? It will soon be a new year and that means a new you! Many start the year off with good intentions for health and wellness, but many quickly veer off the path and go back to old habits that tend to betray the body. Dynamic Edge Fitness is about the whole person. Not only do we want you to have fit bodies, but more importantly we want you to understand, healthy bodies lead to healthy minds! That is our philosophy here. New winter session of bootcamps start January!

Recently one of our bootcamp participants shared an email with those she knows sharing what Dynamic Edge Bootcamp has been for her. Thanks for sharing Tristen.  We hope all out there join us too and share the same sentiment. Here is her message:

This is the greatest Christmas gift idea for yourself or someone you love. I've been doing this bootcamp for a month and a half now and I absolutely love it.

Misty is such a great trainer. She pushes me to do things I didn't think I could do. And I leave feeling strong and energized. If you or anyone you know is looking for something new - there really isn't a better gift than health and fitness. It inspires you to be better, strengthens your body and mind, and refreshes your spirit so you can move forward and do all the things that family and life needs you to do with hop in your step and a smile on your face. Or at least I think it does:)

Share the love.

Merry Christmas!

"Enroll your family and friends in your workouts, so you can spend time with those you love and get your dose of endorphins." -Thanks Lululemon! We totally agree.


Here's a glimpse of our fall workouts. FREE registration fee through December 31st; monthly membership receives FREE resistance tubes and our ultimate SWAG goodie bag. Give the gift that changes lives and improves sense of well being. Check out our classes here, purchase a gift, or register yourself.

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The Gift of Fitness

Wow it's here! The real start of the holiday shopping season. Are you looking for some healthy holiday gifts? Do you know a fitness enthusiast, an aspiring-to-get-active someone, or a special person who may have gotten off track but needs some great motivating tools? I've pulled out some great ones for the actively inspired. Here's to many healthy years ahead. Here's a video to show you some fun fitness finds!

1.NFL Training Camp for Wii Active- For the guy or gal that loves football and wants a fun way to stay motivated.

2.ipod Arm Strap- So we all love our tunes right??? A great accessory for the gym or on those runs. I somehow have many Apple products. Can you tell I'm a kind of a tech nerd? Love those gadgets.

3. Heart Rate Monitor- Great motivating piece of equipment to help with those workouts. I love training with one especially for interval workouts. Using my heart rate monitor I can plan and gauge my workouts accordingly. Pick a model that best fits your needs.

4. TRX Suspension Trainer- Now this is one piece of equipment you may have heard me talk about before, but I cannot emphasize how cool this one thing really is. No need for a full rack of free weights and other equipment. Nothing but bodyweight here and it is so versatile. Your gym in a bag! Best part right now is they are having holiday sales. The sooner you purchase, the better the discount.  Click here for your special link and make sure you post TRXMAS at checkout. Great gift!

TRX Suspension Training: Deck the home gym

5. Lululemon Running Sleeves- So cool! All the details to help you along that run. Check out or check your local store.

Happy shopping! Let me know if you need specifics on where to find all these great fitness gifts.

Best in health-


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