New Year Playlist

It's a new year and you are motivated to reach those health and fitness goals!  New tunes are always a must for your trusty mp3 player.  I have my ipod charged up and found a great mix of new tunes to help fill up your playlist. 

I have to say I'm a little perturbed with Apple and iTunes right now as the latest update got rid of the iMix feature.  So all songs below are available on iTunes, but you must click the links for each song here to be redirected to the songs.  Sorry for the inconvenience but Apple isn't helping my go-to resource. Someone get me a tech person!


 1. Firework- Katy Perry
A fun warm up to get the body ready to roll.

2. Check It Out- will.i.am & Nicki Minaj
"Video killed the radio star" throw back and I love the beats on this!  Brings back some original MTV moments with that modern update to take my workout to the next level. 

3. Dancing On My Own- Robyn
So you've worked up to a good zone in the workout, now you are in cruise control.  Good tempo to maintain the heart rate in a flat ride or run.

4. Come With Me- CEO
Sometimes you just need to find another element or world to zone out to to keep up the momentum in the workout.  This song takes you to that zone.

5. Holiday- Vampire Weekend
Vampire Weekend is just fun.  Great fast tempo to bust out a good sprint.

6. Who's That Chick (feat. Rihanna)- David Guetta & Rihanna
Just need some adrenaline?  Great combo with David Guetta & Rihanna.  Sometimes you just need to dance and this beat steps it up.

7. Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)- Shakira
World Cup theme song here and the African flavor via Shakira is just an inspirational tune.  You are close to being done with the workout and need something to bring it on home.

8. 1983- Neon Trees
Maybe it's because I have many memories from my childhood in the 80's, but Neon Trees brings a good tempo to crank out the last third of my workout.

9. My Body- Young the Giant
Thanks to one of our readers, My Body was suggested for a playlist.  Go dominate a climb or run some monster Roller Coaster hills (that's for you Rose) with this one.  Great lyrics that will push you to to the edge. "My body tells me no. But I won't quit cause I want more!"

10. Tighten Up- The Black Keys 
A slower tempo or cool down song to wrap things up.  You can cycle a hill to this or work a mean strength training workout.  Your choice.  Some fun flavor here!

Here's to a healthy 2011!  I hope you reach new heights and achieve great progress with your health and fitness goals.  A little mantra for you, "My body tells me no! But I won't quit 'cause I want more!"  Go get after it!

Best in health-

The Gift of Fitness

Wow it's here! The real start of the holiday shopping season. Are you looking for some healthy holiday gifts? Do you know a fitness enthusiast, an aspiring-to-get-active someone, or a special person who may have gotten off track but needs some great motivating tools? I've pulled out some great ones for the actively inspired. Here's to many healthy years ahead. Here's a video to show you some fun fitness finds!

1.NFL Training Camp for Wii Active- For the guy or gal that loves football and wants a fun way to stay motivated.

2.ipod Arm Strap- So we all love our tunes right??? A great accessory for the gym or on those runs. I somehow have many Apple products. Can you tell I'm a kind of a tech nerd? Love those gadgets.

3. Heart Rate Monitor- Great motivating piece of equipment to help with those workouts. I love training with one especially for interval workouts. Using my heart rate monitor I can plan and gauge my workouts accordingly. Pick a model that best fits your needs.

4. TRX Suspension Trainer- Now this is one piece of equipment you may have heard me talk about before, but I cannot emphasize how cool this one thing really is. No need for a full rack of free weights and other equipment. Nothing but bodyweight here and it is so versatile. Your gym in a bag! Best part right now is they are having holiday sales. The sooner you purchase, the better the discount.  Click here for your special link and make sure you post TRXMAS at checkout. Great gift!

TRX Suspension Training: Deck the home gym

5. Lululemon Running Sleeves- So cool! All the details to help you along that run. Check out www.lululemon.com or check your local store.

Happy shopping! Let me know if you need specifics on where to find all these great fitness gifts.

Best in health-


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