Holiday Kickoff iMix

I promise I have not forgotten about you.  Dynamic Edge has been working hard in planning and putting together some great things for the new year. The office has been buzzing and we want you to end the year strong and keep that blazing momentum into the new year with healthy habits.  With a brief lag in a new post, I put together a November playlist to keep you grooving.  I had so much fun and nostalgia going through the music library, that I may post another playlist this month just so I can share a few classics from some fun years.  I may date myself by doing so, but they elicited so many fun memories that I cannot resist.  Stay tuned later this month for that one.  Check out our latest playlist here on iTunes.  Enjoy!

1. The Time (Dirty Bit)- Black Eyed Peas
So if you loved Dirty Dancing back in the day, you will love this revisit by the Peas.  They have some fun bringing back a goodie and giving it a dirty bit club feel that picks up the beat.  Great for any interval training.  You can really get in a groove with this.

2. Club Can't Handle Me (feat. David Guetta) - Flo Rida
This song has just been fun.  I find myself lifting to this all the time.  Great for spin class too.  It's a 'don't -mess-with-me-I'm-in-my-zone' song.

3. Stuck Like Glue - Sugarland
So I have to confess, I enjoy almost every genre of music except country (sorry to my country crooners).  There always seem to be an exception to my music likes and Sugarland does it with this song.  Maybe it's because this is just a happy, positive song and I feel like most country songs are sappy, depressing tunes.  A good, easy tempo for an easy run or ride.

4. 1, 2, 3 Turnaround - Christian TV
So I still don't really get this song.  It is really random but I love the beat and sound of it.  Great for circuit training, intervals, and BOOTCAMP!

5. Get Outta My Way - Kylie Minogue
Dating myself once again, but I love Kylie Minogue and loved her back in the day.  It's great she is still making fun music.  The sassy part of me loves to tell someone 'Get outta my way'!  I love spinning to this song.

6. White Knuckles - Ok Go
From the crew that made a video of The TreadMill Dance, here is a great new sound from Ok Go.  Sounds very much like old Prince to me, but that's probably why I like it.  PS If any of you feel the urge to choreagraph an updated treadmill dance to this song, please send my way.  I love the creativity!

7. Take Over Control --Radio Edit (feat. Eva Simmons)- Afrojack
This song is to tackle the treadmill sprints with.  I find the groove and tempo and get after them.  Let me know how you fair with this tunes.

8. C'Mon (Tiesto vs. Diplo) - Tiesto & Diplo
Another up tempo and high intensity tune to bust out some sprints or max the heart rate exercises.  Whether you are hitting the pavement, attacking the bike, or dominating the treadmill, let this song lead you.

9. Raise Your Glass - Pink
Sometimes we need to Raise Our Glass to hard work that pays off.  You've worked hard, shown progress, and need a little time to let loose here... No you are not day dreaming, go celebrate once you've reached some of those goals.

10. Been Caught Stealing - Jane's Addiction
I love this song!  I used to run to this when they still had Sony cassette sport walkmans... Yes pre-CD players...  Does that make me old??  Nonetheless, I still like to kick butt on a run to this song.  Always motivating and stirs up some feistiness.

I'm always listening!  Send me your training favorites.

Best in health-
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