March Madness & Clean Eating?

Clean eating is a lifestyle change. What are you willing to change and cut out to live a healthier lifestyle? It's March Madness and what better time to make a change.  Lets go MAD and CLEAN up the dirt.  Go through that pantry and that fridge and clean out the sugary snacks.  It's baby steps to get real change and real habits so pick one vice that you really have a hard time with and eliminate it.  You then can move on to the next vice that is sabotaging your clean eating habits.  Guaranteed if you are looking for increased energy, sustainable weight loss, and overall positive health benefits, you need to clean up the diet.  Your body is a machine so lets take care of it!

Let me know what you are cutting out today!  21 days to form a habit so lets see what new healthy habit you can form.

Best in health-

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