To Cleanse or Not To Cleanse: Should We Clean Those Pipes Out?

Yeah I’m going to go there.  Yes, I am talking about colons, intestines, and all that yummy stuff.  I have always told it how it is and been honest about my thoughts.  So let us go ahead and go there.  I get asked frequently my thoughts on cleanses and which ones I think are the best.  If you asked me five years ago, I would have given you a totally different answer as I was only aware of those cayenne pepper, lemon juice, sit-on-the-toilet-all-day cleanses.  Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.  See video below.  No one wants a Dumb and Dumber moment.  So what is the purpose of a cleanse and why should we consider?

First, I must say I am fascinated by human anatomy and physiology.  The human body amazes me, quite frankly.  If there is any way I can help optimize the function of my body, I am all about learning, researching, and implementing those healthy behaviors.  Honestly, before I just never really understand why one would do a cleanse.  I mean that part of the body is self cleaning, right?  I also cannot seem to understand why someone would choose to have a colonic either.  Uhhh, what?  Then I continue to hear Dr. Oz harp on the importance of fiber in our diets.  Isn’t fiber for old peeps?  That’s all I really recall hearing.  And then Ding!, it all clicks and totally makes sense to me!  That AHA moment...  Thanks Dr. Oz, you sparked my interest to research further. 

Fiber is a natural way to help clean the pipes and there is nothing hokey about it.  Why do those pipes need to be cleaned out?  Your intestines help absorb vitamins and nutrients among other things.  If they are not functioning “regularly” and self cleaning, then nutrients are not absorbed readily, abdominal pain and bloating can occur, and BONUS, parasites can also live and thrive there.  Eeeewwww!  Last thing we want to think about are critters thriving there… 

Let’s talk about parasites briefly.  Dr. Susan Evans was on the Dr. Oz show and stated, “There are many types of parasites that can enter our bodies and negatively affect our immune system and overall health.  Walking around barefoot, eating unclean fruits and vegetables, and even drinking untreated water are usually the most common portals of entry for parasites.  A parasitic infestation may include symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, aches, pains, anemia, skin rashes, nervousness, sleep disturbances, allergies, and fatigue.”  I know we do not live in a third world country, but it is a reminder to wash our hands regularly, and wash our fruits and veggies thoroughly.  Clean, sanitary, smart habits here folks.

I do not want to put the fear factor in you, but I now see the importance of a cleanse and why one would want to clean the pipes out from time to time, through natural ways.  Fiber and natural remedies in one’s diet help keep the pipes free and clear.  Your intestines are like a lint trap.  They must be cleaned out on a regular basis otherwise your body has to work harder to function properly.

Besides making sure there is enough fiber in your diet on a regular basis, I have also found a cleanse that I find very gentle, natural, and effective in keeping the lint trap free and clear.   Advocare’s Herbal Cleanse :  Key ingredients in this include fiber, probiotics, and other herbal botanicals.  This is a 10-day cleanse and one where you are free to eat what you want, BUT one would prefer you eat very clean and healthy as we are trying to clean the junk out.  Common sense here.  Nothing crazy here with this cleanse and you will not live on the toilet Dumber and Dumber style.  Check it out!  It is honestly the only cleanse that I have felt comfortable promoting and using.

Keep it clean-

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