Surgery Day

Surgery day is here! Nervous. Surgery can always bring some jitters, but this is also surgery on my back. I just keep thinking this is the control center down from the brain. No oopsies please!

I'm excited that there is the potential to be pain-free immediately after surgery. For the last three months, I have grown accustomed to a new "normal" of dealing with the sciatic nerve pain. I haven't been able to sit, cough, sneeze, or laugh hard without going into a serious pain cave. I've also adjusted the way I squat down to pick things up or get dressed so that I avoid as much nerve pain as possible. It's really crazy to think of how long this has gone on. I'm not sure how people deal with this long term.

For the last month, I have made it to CrossFit to do modified workouts. A lot of strict press (modified weight), strict pull ups, controlled dips, slow, controlled squats and wall balls, and anything else I could do without pain or added stress. My last workouts consisted of wall balls, dips, strict press, and rope climbs… Ha, ha! The rope climbs could be questionable crazy, but I was comfortable going up and really controlled coming back down. Plus, I'm getting surgery today, right?!!

It sounds like there is a wide range of experiences of those recovering from this surgery. I am hoping that I have a positive experience to share on the other side of this.

I'm really thankful for my CrossFit family at CrossFit Loomis. An amazing group of people who are always there for you. I look forward to seeing you all on the other side of recovery.

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