Fall Season Playlist

Fall is officially here and it has been gorgeous in the Pacific Northwest!  Our fall bootcamps are in full swing and we are getting those bodies primed for the upcoming holiday season.  No thick insulation layers on these bodies.  Here is our latest playlist.  Keep those workouts coming and dominate the fall season!

1.  Total Life Forever - Foals
A nice easy paced song for strength training or moderate pace work.  I just feel I could do some even keeled endurance work and get in a zone with this song.

2.  We Speak No Americano - Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup
Really I feel this song is kind of random, but it is fun and has a great beat.  Old school cafe song with a modern DJ mix to it.

3.  Magic (feat. Rivers Cuomo) - B.o.B
Who couldn't use a little magic for their workouts.  Anyone up for some tabata training?  Great for intervals.

4.  Dog Days Are Over - Florence + The Machine
Great for warm up before the real deal begins.  Calming and peaceful, yet picks up to get you jamming for the core of the workout.

5.  The Catalyst - Linkin Park
Love some new stuff from Linkin Park.  This could be Dynamic Edge's theme song for bootcamps.  The ultimate catalyst song to get us going HARD!  I'm talking a knackered workout.

6.  Little Secrets - Passion Pit
Special request from a bootcamp client.  Fun beat!  I could keep this rolling with some good stength training workouts.  Another "get in the zone" song.

7.  If I Had You (Jason Nevins Radio Mix) - Adam Lambert
Most of you know I love a good dance remix and this is a great one for Adam Lambert.  Great spin or interval mix.

8.  Busy Child - The Crystal Method
I pulled out some old favorites from the music library.  Crystal Method will always get you pumped up for the hard ones.  No easy workouts while this is playing.  If it is easy, you best pick it up a notch.

9.  Express Yourself (Morcean Worker Remix) - Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Rhythm Street Band
A classic!!  I loved Remember the Titans and pulled this off the soundtrack.  This is a great mix that I could run forever to.  Enjoy this mix!

10. Renegades of Funk - Rage Against the Machine
Back in the day Rage Against the Machine was with me for a lot of workouts, warm ups for basketball, pre-meet preparation for track meets... you name it.  It just got me pumped up for some tough competition.  Excited to pull this out of the vault.

Enjoy & Happy Training!

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