Not Your Basic Bootcamp

It's here!  Fall officially arrived last week and that means it is a season of change.  As we gear up for the upcoming holiday season, are you ready to keep your mind, BODY, and spirit in check?  These next few months can start to get a little crazy and some of us become quite frazzled.  On top of that, we have a tendency to accumulate an extra layer of insulation that quite often stays around the mid section... I know I would prefer to add some extra layers of clothes instead of the extra layer of adipose tissue.  I would also like to enjoy some pumpkin bread from time to time.  Do not neglect your own health and wellness this season.  It should not have to take New Year's resolutions for you to get on track again.  Start now, NO EXCUSES!  It is always more fun to workout in a community of others.  Grab a friend, spouse, or family member- who is going with me? Click here for current schedule.


Fall bootcamps are here and FREE all October.  Come check us out and make some real change!  We want you going out with a bang in 2010 and getting an edge starting off 2011.  We have two locations in October for you to take advantage of.  Click here for our latest schedule.  Hope to see you soon!

Best in health-

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