Eat Real Food- A LOT of IT!!

I like food!! Like, A LOT of food. Restrict me in food, and you will see one HANGRY monster come out!!! No one needs a HANGRY Misty.


My last post shared my transformation journey over the last year and a half (if you missed it, read here), and I had many of you noting and highlighting a couple KEY points that I didn't mention. Because those people know me, I forget that not all know my background, process, and philosophy on nutrition. 

I honestly eat a SHIT-TON of food!! Like, for reals! I also know how to have good balance to use food to fuel me properly. Over the last year and a half, my lowest caloric intake during a cut was still over 1900 calories... My LOWEST!!! We are all different sizes, have different metabolisms, different genetics, choose different training activities, etc., so it isn't comparing apples to apples here. BUT, there are many out there that have spent MANY years in severe caloric restriction trying to reach some sort of vision of a body type that is truly dysfunctional and a version of body dysmorphic disorder. And in case you didn't realize, your body will fight you on what you are trying to do to it!! There's no happiness in starving yourself. Your self worth is NOT determined by what the scale says and what society thinks you should look like! 

There are severe consequences and damage that you can do to your body when you severely restrict your caloric intake (that will be another post). Many out there could never imagine eating a low of 1900 calories, let alone more than that, without backwards progress away from their goals. Some would see that number of total calories & be shocked that you can get results, and reach your goals, eating that much.

I'm sick of seeing people continue to starve themselves to reach some sort of aesthetic goal that isn't realistic to maintain long term if done that way. Yo-yo dieting anyone??? 30 day weight loss challenge? Take 20 pounds off, put 30 back on?? Juice cleanse/detox for weight loss?? 1000 calorie or less diets???  It happens all the time. If you don't learn how to properly fuel yourself and be PATIENT to allow your body to respond in a healthy way, you will never be able to have a healthy metabolism, have long term, sustainable results, and find a good balance in your health (mind, body, & soul).

It's been a common theme with several of my clients, to be severely under eating for their body's needs. We are slowly reversing out of those habits. Food is fuel. It is not the enemy and we should enjoy it. Learn to fuel yourself properly for your goals and activity.

You are WORTH the investment in yourself and your health! Let me know how I can help.

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